Working From Couch? These Are The Best Laptop Stands For The Job

by Tiana Crump

Spending long hours on the couch hunched over a laptop is not ideal for neck, back, and shoulder pain. But using one best laptop stands for the couch, which will prop up your screen to eye level for a more ergonomic setup, is an easy way to avoid any unwanted pain — and help your posture. Bonus: Some stands actually preserve the lifespan of a laptop, as the extra elevation also provides more ventilation to prevent overheating.

When you’re choosing the best laptop stand to use on your couch, your personal preferences matter most. You can choose between two different styles: the standard laptop stand that positions your computer over you while sitting or a lap desk literally sits in your lap to give your computer more height. Luckily, both help with improving your posture. The standard laptop stand is ideal if you plan on using your laptop for long periods of time. They're usually larger and provide a sturdy workstation right at your couch. Lap desks, on the other hand, tend to be a bit cheaper and easier to move around. They're particularly great if you have limited space.

To make your laptop stand search even easier, read on for a curated roundup of Amazon's best offerings. It spans both categories, so cheers to better posture!

Best Laptop Stand, All Things Considered

When it comes to ergonomic support, the Kavalan portable laptop table has all the essentials covered — it even has a built-in handle. This laptop stand comes with a wrist rest to help maintain a neutral posture as you type or use your mouse. It can be adjusted to five different heights, ranging from 9.4 inches to 12.6 inches, and also has a stopper to prevent any laptop slips. Despite having two auto-lock buttons to keep it securely in place, this stand can rotate up to 36 degrees. And when you're done using this fan-dubbed "great product?" Its legs fold up for easy storage.

Best Lap Desk For Productivity

With its double bolster cushion on the bottom, the Huanuo lap desk will easily work for your weirdest WFC (working from couch) positions. Similar to the stand above, it features a padded wrist rest and a mouse pad to help improve your alignment. The best part? It has built-in compartments for your phone, tablet, and pens. It's a total productivity game changer. A happy customer raved, "I have pretty bad chronic pain and my recliner helps me to experience maximum comfort."

Also Great: A Budget-Friendly Lap Desk

The Mind Reader laptop desk is a great budget-friendly alternative. It's adjustable, boasting eight different viewing angles, and has a flip-up base that'll securely hold laptops up to 15.6 inches wide. Naturally, the adjustable height provides excellent laptop ventilation, and when it's not in use, it folds flat to save space. Like the lap desk above, it has a cushioned base for maximum WFC comfort and stability. And considering its $15 price point, it's no wonder fans call it "perfect."

A Stylish Bamboo Laptop Stand That Looks Like Furniture

The HOMFA bamboo couch laptop desk is a side-table-like standard laptop stand that's likely to complement any existing living room decor. With an upright height of 24.4 inches, it provides that much-needed alignment as well as a sturdy workstation. Plus, thanks to its wheels, you can easily move said workstation around. And pro tip: When it's not in use, it works just as well as a side table or a plant stand. "Perfect little table for using my laptop or for holding a snack," reads a satisfied Amazon review. "Small investment for a very useful item."

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