Treat Yourself To A 5-Star Sleep With These Luxurious Hotel Pillows

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Jumping into a plush hotel bed feels so good, and if you sleep better when staying at a hotel, that’s probably because they invest in high-quality bedding that maintains its loft and structure over time. The good news is it’s simple enough to bring some of that luxurious feeling home by starting with where you lay your head every night. The best hotel pillows are made of down or a down alternative for plush support that’s carefully chosen to be comfortable for most sleepers.

A classic hotel pillow tends to be more plush than ones you have at home. Hotels usually choose a premium down filling for fluffy and durable pillows though some chains use down-feather blends or even down alternative; down is softer, more durable, and more expensive, especially if it’s goose rather than duck, while down alternatives are more affordable and are preferable if you suffer from allergies (or you're shopping for vegan-friendly bedding).

Hotels tend to choose pillows that are comfortable for a wide range of sleepers. Though side sleepers rest soundly on firmer, thicker pillows, back sleepers benefit from a flatter and sometimes softer pillow, and stomach sleepers sleep best on soft pillows, you’ll find that the best hotel pillows are carefully chosen to be suitable for combination sleepers. A medium pillow is a universal option, but keep in mind how you (and perhaps a partner) sleep most often. Paying attention to fill power when shopping for a down pillow helps determine its loft. Fill power ratings range from 300 to 900, but anything above 550 is considered high quality.

Daily fluffing and periodic washing will extend your pillow's life, and all of the pillows below are conveniently machine-washable. Keep reading to find the right one to bring a bit of luxury to your everyday. And for the total five-star experience, consider some hotel sheets as well.

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The Best Set Of Hotel Feather Pillows
  • Sizes: Standard, Queen (featured), King

The best set of hotel feather pillows is made with down and duck feathers for a medium firm feel, and the filling has been washed up to eight times to remove potential allergens. It has a fill power of 550 and this pick has a "pillow within a pillow" design for a supportive core inside of an ultimately plush and luxurious pillow.

The 100% cotton cover is soft and breathable and comes with a washable pillow protector. Combination sleepers will sleep soundly with this pillow, and hotels love to stock their rooms with these specifically for its medium feel that combines support and softness, according to Sleep Foundation.

A helpful review: “I have been on the search for the best pillow for me! I finally found it in a hotel in Austin, TX. Looked up the brand and as soon as I was home, I found them on Amazon and ordered right away!! Absolutely love these pillows!! I am a side sleeper and they feel like I am placing my head in a cloud. Customer for life!”

The Best Down Alternative Pillow
  • Sizes: Standard, Queen (featured), King

For a feather-free option, here's the best down alternative pillow, which comes in soft, medium, and firm options to suit your preferred sleep position. The micropolyester filling is enclosed in a 100% cotton cover, and this brand is a hotel pillow for big hotel chains like Marriott, Hilton, and Westin. [[the product below, on the Amazon page, claims to be used by the same hotels so it's worth confirming if these actually are used by those same hotels?!]]

A helpful review: “[...] I purchased the standard pillow. [....] It is soft, breathable and light yet just firm enough to cradle my head. I like to be able to scrunch my pillow under my head and this one does. I'm also mainly a stomach sleeper and most pillows for stomach sleepers are too flat making you feel like your head is on your mattress and doesn't provide enough firmness. This pillow is not like that at all. It provides the same comfort whether I'm laying on my back, side or stomach. I highly recommend these and will continue buying them in the future.”

Worth The Splurge: A Luxe Goose Down Pillow Available In 3 Firmness Options
  • Sizes: Standard, Queen (featured), King

For a truly luxurious down pillow, this pick delivers a five-star feel. It's available in firm, medium, or soft fills with all-cotton ticking — and this particular pick boasts a higher 650 fill power. It comes with nice extras too, like a wool dryer ball for keeping your pillow fresh, a storage bag that comes in handy for travel, and even a fun "do not disturb" door hanger.

This plush hotel pillow is often used at New York Palace, Marriott, and other high-end hotels. Reviewers commented that this pillow's feathers don’t annoyingly poke out from the pillow cover, unlike some other pillows.

A helpful review: “Sometimes, you just have to pay to get top quality. That's true of the Queen Anne Pillow. I bought [the] Queen-size firm. It immediately made a significant difference in comfort. I sleep on my side and on my back, and the firm fits the bill in either position. It depresses, as down naturally does, but it never bottoms out. Totally worth the price of entry.”

The Best Hotel Pillows On A Budget
  • Sizes: Queen (featured), King

Is an affordable hotel pillow more your speed? This under-$50 2-pillow set is a highly rated cult favorite with over 49,000 reviews. Each pillow is made with a down alternative gel-filled fiber covered in cotton that will help you sleep comfortably and coolly.

The medium feel, according to reviewers, is a universal pillow for back, side, or stomach sleepers. This pillow also resists dust mites, mold, and mildew with a "no-shift" design that helps the pillow maintain its shape over time. Plus, this pillow is the only OEKO-Tex Standard 100 certified pick on my list, meaning it's free of all harmful substances.

A helpful review: “I've had these pillows for a couple weeks and they've been great! They fluff up once you remove them from the packaging and are a great mix of fluffy and firm. These feel a lot more luxurious that the pillows I'm used to and are a great value for the price.”