These Top-Rated Eyebrow Pencils Are Especially Great For People With Thin Brows

Whether you over-plucked during your teenage years or have never truly lived up to the bushy eyebrows of your favorite models, there are plenty of reasons to want to enhance your natural brows. That is doubly true now that it seems like full brows are a trend that's sticking around. So you're probably wondering — what are the best eyebrow pencils for thin brows that won't make me look like Charlie Chaplin? Well, there are a few things to keep in mind when on your hunt.

First, it's important to keep your shade in mind. If you're planning on overdrawing your brows, aim for a pencil that's either your exact hair shade or one shade lighter. It's easier for the pigment to blend that way, and if you go too dark, your brows won't look natural.

It's also important to keep the shape of the pen or pencil's tip in mind. Aim for something on the thinner side or something that has a precision tip. Again, if you're actually overdrawing your brows, a thinner tip will provide a more natural look, as the thin strokes will more closely mimic hair. Remember: slow and stead wins the race. Small, short strokes will provide a better result than long, thick strokes.

Ahead, find the four of the best eyebrow pencils that'll give you the full, bold brows of your dreams.

A Teardrop Tip For Precision Application

What makes Maybelline Total Temptation Brow Definer such a great choice is its applicator tip. Its teardrop shape covers all of your bases when it comes to filling in skinny brows. The pointed tip allows for those natural-looking, razor-thin strokes, while the rounded bottom gives you the freedom to fill in the fuller parts of your brows with gusto. There is no wrong way to use this liner, as it's practically perfect for filling in all types of brows. And since its outfitted with a spoolie right on the bottom of the pen, you can easily buff out any areas where you were a little overzealous with your pigment.

A Superfine Tip For Filling In Sparse Areas

Another great product for precision-filling sparse brows is the Aesthetica Precision Brow Liner. Its superfine tip, which is great for thin, precise strokes, is small enough to fill in the gaps in your brows without the risk of overdrawing. And since it has a spoolie at the opposite end from the pigment, you're able to buff out any mistakes you may make, providing a more natural look. Aesthetica's pencil is also vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and talc-free, so you're getting product that you can feel good about.

A Four-Tip Pen For A Microbladed Look

Microbladed brows have very defined, very apparent hair lines — and Ethradia Four Tips Long-Lasting Waterproof Brow mimics that look perfectly. The four-pronged brush head expertly sketches on follicle-looking lines, creating that razor-sharp microblading effect in a few simple strokes. But there's more to this pen than its prongs. It's also smudge-proof, waterproof, and sweat-proof, providing 24 hours of wear. And the colors are rich, deep, and totally natural. But beware: Since this is a liquid pen, it can be difficult for brow novices to master. And this isn't the pencil to reach for if you're looking for natural-looking brows. Instead, this is the brow pencil to pick up if sketched-in, 3-D brows are what you're after.

A Classic Pencil For Traditionalists

When it comes to eyeliner and eyebrow makeup, a lot of people prefer traditional pencils since they last a lot longer due to their ability to be consistently sharpened. One of the best options on the market is Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Brow Pencil. It performs like a regular pencil, but with one major difference. Instead of a dry tip that tugs at your brows, Anastasia Beverly Hills' formula is made with a mix of heady waxes. That means no tugging. Instead, you get pigment that glides from the tip straight onto your brows, giving you more ease-of-use — which comes in handy when we're talking about creating a filled-in look. And since this formula is long-lasting, you don't have to worry about your brows melting down your face in the middle of the day. You can use it for a more subtle eyeliner look, too.

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