These Electric Can Openers Will Make Your Life So Much Easier


Modern cooks know that having one of the best electric can openers at their disposal makes the process of opening canned goods super simple regardless of strength and luck. Unlike manual hand-crank openers that require you to push and pull, all you have to do is press a button or flip a switch with these. Some will even pop the lid for you, or do other things like open bottles.

There are primarily two different cutting types of can openers: top-cut or side-cut. Both of these styles have pros and cons. Top-cutting openers provide a clear, visible cut and often removes the top of the lid using a magnet for you. The downside to these openers is that they usually leave a sharp edge that can cut you if you're not careful. The side-cutting openers generally make a smoother, safer cut around the can. But with this type of opener, it can be hard to see if it was cut and you may have to pry the top off manually.

For those looking for an electric can opener but don't want to take up valuable counter space, there are battery-powered, hands-free versions. When not in use, they can be easily stored in your kitchen drawer out of sight. These openers are also portable, so you can take them with you out camping or on trips.

To help you on your search for the perfect opener, here's my list of the best electric can openers on Amazon.

The Overall Best Electric Can Opener

The Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch can opener is a popular side-cut style opener with more than 5,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. It's a favorite among users, with one customer even calling it "the best can opener I've ever owned or operated."

All you have to do is slide a can into place, press down on the large top button, and it automatically starts cutting. The lid easily lifts off after removing the can from the machine, leaving smooth edges that lessen the worry of accidentally cutting your fingers, and all with minimal mess or splashing. Most of the cord can be stored inside the opener to save space when not in use.

The Best Top-Cut Electric Can Opener

If you'd rather not hold down a button while your can cuts and would prefer an opener that removes the lid for you, consider this Cuisinart model. This electric can opener which stands more than 10 inches high is backed with Cuisinart's motor system and has a powerful precision-cut blade.

Simply push the lever into place, and you're good to go. The unit stops cutting automatically but still holds the can up tightly in place. The design also features a broad base to prevent your canned goods from sliding or tipping over during cutting. Plus, the lever is removable for easy cleaning. The drawback here are the sharp edges left behind on your lid from the top cutting.

The Best Portable Electric Can Opener

The best choice for those who are short on counter space or want an electric can opener on the go is the Kitchen Mama. This portable, hands-free opener is super easy to use: Set the unit on top of your can, push the button, and let go. Once it has made a full rotation, press the button again to stop it.

This battery-powered opener requires four AA batteries and can be taken anywhere. Bring it with you when you're cooking over at a friend's house, camping, or even on vacation. With its narrow design, it's also easy to store away in a drawer when not in use.

While the side-cutting action leaves smoother edges than many units, some customers commented that you still need to be careful with the removed lids.

The Best Multiuse Can Opener That Also Pops Bottles And Sharpens Knives

If you're looking for more than just a simple can opener, this Aicok model is worth considering. An electric can opener that also opens bottles and has a manual knife sharpener built in, the 4.3 average rating on Amazon attests to the fact that it's not just a gimmick. Additional features include a retractable cord, a magnet that removes the lids when it's done cutting, and a detachable lever for faster cleanup.

This unit is the most expensive on the list, but spending the extra cash makes sense if you'll use of the extra features.

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