These Must-Have Compact Mirrors Are Legit The Best For Everyday Use & Travel

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Whether you’re traveling or just heading out for the day, the best compact mirrors should be small enough to fit in your bag and have a foldable design to keep the mirror safe from smudges and scratches. Many compacts are quite small, measuring less than 4 inches in diameter, and can be great for checking your teeth after a meal or touching up hair and makeup on the go. Look for super-thin mirrors (under half an inch thick) for ultimate portability. However, if you have some extra space and need to use your compact for more involved tasks like shaving or doing a full makeup look, there are larger mirrors — bonus points if it can stand on its own.

Beyond sizing, consider whether you want your mirror to have any extra features. Magnification can be handy for tweezing, applying makeup precisely, and other tasks that require a close-up view. If you’re looking for a magnifying mirror, it helps to get a dual design with a magnifying mirror on one side and a regular so-called true view mirror on the other.

Built-in lighting might also appeal for precise tasks. LED lighting is the way to go here, as it's closer to daylight than most other options so you can get a sense of how your face (and makeup) looks in natural light. Be sure to look for something with an on-off switch so you can turn the light off when you don’t need it.

Finally, if you’re looking for something to take on trips, a compact-style mirror with built-in storage can be a convenient way to stash your essentials along with your mirror.

These compact mirrors each boast their own unique set of features —and with tons of positive reviews on Amazon, you can be sure they’re customer-approved.

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A Fan-Favorite Magnifying Compact Mirror With Lighting

The Wobsion LED lighted compact mirror has earned a 4.5-star rating overall based on 2,900 (and growing!) Amazon reviews. The handheld mirror features two convenient 3.5-inch diameter mirrors, one with 10x magnification and one with a true view, zero distortion reflection. On the true view side, you also get an LED ring light around the border that provides great lighting so you can check your teeth after a meal or touch up makeup on the go — even in a dark environment. You can switch the light off when you don't need it, which helps you save battery, but when you do finally run out of battery life, the CR2032 lithium batteries are affordable and easy to replace so you can keep using this mirror for years to come.

This mirror is still just 0.7 inches thick so you can slip it in your pocket or toss it in your bag without worrying about it taking up too much space. Choose from two colors.

According to one reviewer: “Perfect size and light weight. LED Light is very bright and great quality. The battery last a long time. That magnifying mirror though! It works too well! Would buy again.”

A Standing Compact Mirror With Adjustable Lighting

With a 4.5-star overall rating based on more than 600 Amazon reviews, this foldable makeup mirror from Feruaro is a popular choice for use at home or on the go. It comes with a true view mirror and a 2x magnification mirror — not a ton of magnification, but great if you just need a little extra zoom. The mirror measures 5 inches long and 3.3 inches wide when shut, and it's only 0.4 inches thick, making it slim enough to fit in a side pocket in your bag.

In terms of unique features, the compact also boasts a sturdy hinge that rotates up to 330 degrees, so you can angle the mirror just how you need it and then stand it on a table to use hands-free. Best of all, it features eight adjustable LED lights along the edge of the true view mirror that you can turn on and off, or even dim using the touch-screen button at the base of the mirror.

According to one reviewer: “This mirror is the best because you can prop it up on a table-like surface for hands free usage, the LED lights are bright enough, its compact, square so it fits in my purse pockets, and has a flushed-flat touch screen button to turn it on and off.”

A Simple Magnifying Compact Mirror

With a 4-inch diameter mirror housed in a handheld case that’s less than half an inch thick, this magnifying mirror from StudioZONE is a must for anyone who wants something that will slide easily into a pants pocket or exterior compartment in a bag and doesn't need lighting. The dual-mirror design offers you a powerful 10x magnification mirror and one true-view mirror. You can get up close and personal or not so much depending on your needs.

The mirror comes in a few different colors and offers a tight hinge that allows you to stand it on a table for hands-free use. Its convenient design has earned it a 4.7-star overall rating on Amazon, based on more than 1,700 reviews.

According to one reviewer: “I bought this to carry in my purse for mid-day check, and it will be excellent for travel, as it is fairly lightweight, and compact. I like the stiff hinge so I can position it where and how I need it. This mirror is of great quality with no distortion.”

A Compact Mirror With Built-In Storage

With a 6.75 inch diameter and nearly 2 inches thick, this compact-style mirror from Caboodle is bulkier than the others on this list — but if you have the room in your bag, you'll love its storage compartments and larger mirror.

The heavy-duty plastic case has five compartments and a secure clasp to keep your cosmetics, skin-care products, jewelry, or other items safe. The hinge on the lid allows you to stand the mirror up. It's an especially convenient option when traveling.

Reviewers mention that they love the retro design and multiple color options. But looks aside, this is truly a great pick for anyone who wants to keep their essentials organized and bundled conveniently with their mirror.

According to one reviewer: “It's larger than I pictured when I ordered it, but still really ergonomic. About a hand's width across. You can fit a surprising amount of cosmetics in here. I use it for carrying makeup when I travel or to keep in my purse […] A nice large mirror in the top lid. The plastic is pretty thick and hard, sturdy construction with micro glitter. Also does not pop open at the clasp.”