Upgrade Your Home With These Truly Incredible Color-Changing Light Bulbs

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Whether you’re looking for a fun, affordable upgrade to your lighting or a gadget that helps you wake up in the morning, the best color-changing light bulbs can help. These smart bulbs allow you to create different lighting moods with a wide range of colors.

Why Get A Color-Changing Bulb?

Color-changing bulbs aren't just for fun — they also allow you to use warm or red lighting to help improve your sleep patterns by simulating the natural sunrise and sunset. But the full rainbow of colors offered by many bulbs can make for a great decorative addition to any home, too. Some multicolor bulbs can even sync with speakers to change color according to the rhythm of the music, and some even come with speakers built-in.

How To Find The Right Color-Changing Bulb For You

When you’re shopping for a color-changing bulb, look for bulbs that are easy to set up. You may prefer options that come with a remote for ease of use, or smart bulbs that function with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or a phone app and doesn't require you to install new hardware. If you opt for a smart bulb, be sure to check for compatibility with your smartphone and relevant devices like your Amazon Echo or Google Home.

You can also choose to factor in other features when looking for a bulb, depending on what you care about, such as how bright the bulb can get, the ability to dim, and the option to set moods, schedules, and timers.

To help you choose the ideal upgrade, here’s my list of the best color-changing light bulbs for virtually any room in your home.

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The Overall Best Color-Changing Light Bulb

The Sengled smart light bulb is a color-changing light bulb that’s easy to set up and full of fun features. It has 16 million colors that you can dim or adjust to your ideal brightness. There are also options to set schedules via voice, or by connecting to the Sengled Home app right on your smartphone. No hub is necessary, but it works with Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTT, and Samsung SmartThings. With this smart bulb, you can fully customize your lighting by saving mood settings and creating routines. There are even wake and sleep modes that switch your light from cool to warm to help better prepare you for bed. The brightness on this bulb is 800 lumens. It can fit any E26 socket easily, and if multicolor isn't your jam, it's also available in Daylight and Soft White options.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “The installation is very simple and easily connects to Alexa and the functions such as changing the intensity or turning off and on works perfectly.”

2.The Overall Best Color-Changing Light Bulb With A Remote

The Govee color-changing light bulbs include a handy remote control so that there's nothing else to download, install, or learn how to use. The remote functions from up to 26 feet away from the bulbs, so there's no need to get up when you want to make any lighting changes.

These bulbs feature 16 different colors plus warm white lighting, and brightness is adjustable. You can tap a button to instantly change the lights to match your mood or save your favorite settings. There are also four lighting mode buttons, including fade, which switches to warm red lighting to help you relax. There's even a flash mode to set the mood at parties (or when decorating for Halloween). These bulbs fit any E26-E27 base lamp.

According to a fan: “The remote is easy to use, and the colors are radiant. I recommend"

A Color-Changing Light Bulb With Built-In Speakers

For music fans or anyone who wants a fuss-free party setup, the Longwen LED smart light bulb is a good option. This color-changing light bulb has a built-in Bluetooth speaker. You can set timers to turn on or off the lights automatically or change to a specific color using their iLink app, which works with Bluetooth up to 26 feet away.

Choose the tracks that you want to play via your smartphone and quickly adjust to any color. Ideal for parties or unwinding after a long day, this bulb can instantly set the mood. It features both warm and cool white light and adjustable brightness. And while the manufacturer doesn't state exactly how many color options are available, Amazon reviewers report "an array." A timer setting can help you create lighting schedules for different times of the day. This bulb fits E27 socket base lamps.

According to a fan: “This thing is sick. The app works flawlessly. Light is dimmable. It has an array of light colors, which is nice for the holidays. Also plays Bluetooth music from my iPhone and the sound is pretty good considering it is coming from a light bulb.”

An Affordable 4-Pack Of Color-Changing Light Bulbs

With these OHLUX Smart WiFi LED light bulbs, it's easy to upgrade your home's lighting scheme. The set of multicolor smart bulbs includes four bulbs that can be controlled individually or simultaneously as one group. The bulbs are fully compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT, but there’s no hub required. Just sync the bulbs with your device or smartphone to instantly start controlling your lights via voice or the app. These bulbs are dimmable and the manufacturer states that they feature 16 million colors, including cooling white and warm shades. You also can set timers and lighting schedules. These bulbs fit E26 or E27 base lamps and are a great, inexpensive option for upgrading the lighting in more than one room.

According to a fan: “These bulbs are far more than my expectations!!! I certainly can change the light to any color I want. I also connect it to my Alexa Dot, and they all work perfectly. Now I only need to say to turn on or turn off the light instead of reaching the switch!! Perfect!!”