These Game-Changing Bobby Pins Actually Work For People With Thick Hair

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Bobby pins are an essential hair accessory, but it can be a real struggle to find ones that will actually stay put in thick hair. Luckily, the best bobby pins for thick hair are designed to be much stronger and grippier than average bobby pins — largely thanks to sturdy, ridged metal construction that allows them to secure even the thickest of hair.

Short-haired individuals may be able to opt for standard-size bobby pins, but if your thick hair is also long, you may want to look for jumbo-size pins. Jumbo pins are both longer and wider than most, so they can handle extra hair. If you're using the pins to create an updo, spiral- and U-shaped pins are your best bet, since they can dramatically cut down on the number of regular bobby pins needed — plus they’re strong enough to handle thick hair without bending.

If you want to discreetly hide your bobby pins in your locks, look for ones that match your hair color. Many bobby pins come in blonde, bronze, and black to blend in with different shades of hair, while some even come with a striped design that acts as further camouflage. Rounded or rubber tips help the pins from getting caught in your hair when putting them in or taking them out.

Amazon reviewers indicate that these four sets of bobby pins are the best of the best for thick hair, and all have grip that ensures they’ll stay firmly in place. Best of all, each set costs around $12 or less, making it cheap to stock up — so that even if you lose a few pins, you’ll never have to go without.

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A 300-Pack Of Standard-Size Bobby Pins With Excellent Grip

With more than 1,100 reviews on Amazon and a knockout 4.7-star rating overall, these MetaGrip bobby pins are adored by thick-haired individuals for both their incredible staying power and super cheap price per pin; you get a whopping 300 bobby pins for around $12! The standard-size ridged bobby pins are made from rust-resistant metal that should be sturdy enough to last, and rounded tips ensure they won’t snag your hair.

Choose from three colors — black, bronze, and champagne blonde. This pick is also sold in a pack of two.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "These bobby-pins are nothing short of amazing! I have waist length super thick hair that I put up a lot in the sultry South Carolina summer heat. Traditional bobby-pins just weren’t able to hold my heavy hair in place. I always had to use a ton (literally) and needed extra for when puns would fall out or pieces of hair would be out of be out of place. Not with these beauties! I can use only 4 or 5 instead of 15 or 20 for a simple bun. Even when I’m active, my updo stays up all day! The pins are sturdy, don’t bend or break, and they don’t pull my hair either. I wish I’d found these a long time ago!"

A Set Of Extra-Long Bobby Pins

A standard bobby pin is usually around 2 inches long, but these from Scunci measure 2.75 inches in length. The result is that these jumbo bobby pins can hold quite a bit of hair — perfect for those with long, super-thick tresses. Made from ridged metal that curves to hug the shape of your head, the bobby pins are supremely sturdy, with rounded tips to ensure they won’t accidentally yank out your locks. They're designed to blend into your hair, with a striped design meant to mimic your strands. The blond pack linked above has both blond and light brunette colors, while the brunette pack offers some darker shades.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "If you have long hair, you will LOVE THESE!! I can hold my thick, waste-length hair up with 2-3 of these bad boys. [...] I have to explain to people that it's not my hair that's awesome, it's these extraordinarily strong bobby pins!! Not to be dramatic, but no other hair pin compares to these. [...] I literally ran a 10K trail run race with these holding my hair, stylin' all the way"

A Budget-Friendly Set Of U-Shaped Bobby Pins

These U-shaped pins from Diane are the perfect pick for updos, since they’ll ensure that your look will stay firmly in place all day and night. The 3-inch pins are designed specifically to hold large amounts of hair, and they’re made from sturdy metal with a slightly ridged design. Rounded tips keep the pins from snagging and pulling your hair as you take them in and out.

They come in bronze or black so they can match light or dark hair colors. You can also nab them in a much shorter 1 3/4-inch size if you need smaller pins.

These pins come in a 1-pound box, which the seller estimates to include around 495 pins for around $8! You'll never run out again.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "Loved these hairpins! They're long, sturdy, elegant, and substantial without being too heavy and or clunky. I have wildly wavy, thick, and opinionated hair, but these pins kept it tamed and held back for a fourteen-hour work day. I've used them to secure my hair during workouts, house-cleaning, and gardening work, and The Hairy Beast remained obedient."

A Pack Of Spiral Hair Pins

While these spiral bobby pins from Hawwwy may look a bit intimidating at first glance, reviewers on Amazon indicate they're surprisingly easy to use — simply spin them into your hair to secure an updo, and they'll hold all day long. The cool thing is that just two or three spin pins can potentially do the job of more than 20 standard bobby pins, saving you time, money, and major hassle.

These spin pins are 2 inches long, and are made of a rust-resistant metal that won’t easily break or bend. Non-scratch rounded tips ensure the pins won’t hurt your head as you place them in your hair.

This pick is available in black, brown, or gold — or as a combination pack with multiple colors.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "I love these spin pins. I have long, thick hair and regular bobby pins just aren't strong enough to hold all of my hair up in a bun. It takes seriously at least 10 to keep it secure. With the spin pins, I just need two to do the job. They hold all day, and they stay well hidden. They are super easy to use!"