The Bold But Wearable Eye Makeup Trend You Need To Try Now

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Ever since I caught a glimpse of my favorite babysitter’s blue-lacquered lashes twenty-ish years ago, I knew that someday I, too, would wear blue mascara (preferably with a tattoo choker and Doc Martens). Colorful lashes are still very much a thing now (as are tattoo chokers and Doc Martens, you may have noticed), though slightly more evolved: These days, the best blue mascaras appear in a range of shades, from subtle navy to rich lapis. And like their classic black counterparts, they’re capable of delivering all the thickness, separation, curl, and longevity you’d expect from a high-performing mascara.

You certainly don’t have to choose a mascara shade based on your eye color — rather, you may want to pick the shade you feel comfortable wearing, the formula you like, or the effect you’re going for, like volumizing versus lengthening. But a little bit of color theory never hurt anyone. So, generally speaking: Rich blues, like cobalt, complement brown eyes beautifully; purple-toned blues offset green and hazel eyes; and navy enhances blue eyes.

Whatever your preferred shade, scroll on to shop four of the best blue mascaras out there right now.

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Best Cobalt

This L'Oreal mascara is the deep end of the blue mascara pool: A coat or two of this vivid Yves Klein blue is literally visible from down a long hallway, as one Amazon reviewer noted. This volumizing formula — which claims to be flake-proof and smudge-proof — is an absolute classic, too, as its 30,000+ reviewers will attest (and possibly you, if you already own the cult-favorite Carbon Black version). This comes in some other jewel-toned shades too, including Burgundy, emerald, and aubergine.

Best Navy

For the toe-dippers at the shallow end, try this jane iredale mascara in Navy. This smoky dark blue is just a hair more vibrant than basic black, but it’s still pigmented enough to look like there’s a little somethin’ going on. The effect is lengthening and separating rather than volumizing, so the mascara itself is pretty natural-looking. This is also a good choice if you have sensitive eyes, since the formula is free of lots of common irritants that are found in most other mascaras. Instead, you’ll find some plant-based ingredients in here that help strengthen your lashes, like algae extract, wheat protein, and nourishing panthenol.

Best Cornflower Blue

3INA specializes in easy-to-wear makeup in experimental shades, and this playful blue mascara is no exception. The hue is a near-exact shade match to your favorite Levis, and the lightweight, paraben-free formula feels just as comfortable. Also like those magical jeans, it’ll look good on pretty much anyone. Sweep it through your brows if you’re very bold, or pair it with a swipe of matching blue eyeliner if you're only marginally bold.

Best Purple-Blue

This Pacifica mascara is marketed as a deep blue, but Amazon reviewers say it actually reads more purple — which makes this a gorgeous choice for green or hazel eyes. Formula-wise, customers say it applies smoothly and doesn’t clump or run. Also, it's water resistant and formulated without irritating synthetics, like parabens, silicones, and phthalates, so it’s suitable for sensitive eyes, contact-wearers, or people with eyes that tend to get watery.