The 4 Best Beauty Blender Dupes — That Cost A Fraction Of The Price

If you're reading this, there's little to no chance that you haven't heard of the Beautyblender. You can't log onto Reddit, watch a beauty tutorial on YouTube, or stumble into a Sephora without seeing this iconic pink sponge. It seamlessly blends your cream-based products onto your skin without streaking, and can also be used to pack on powder if you want serious coverage. But at $20, it's not affordable for everyone — especially considering it has such a limited shelf life. So it's no surprise that there's a vast market for the best Beautyblender dupes.

Although, we can't promise that any of these dupes will be identical to the Beautyblender or produce the same results — after all, Beautyblenders site does claim that their sponges are made with "exclusive aqua-activated™ material." And it's that material that both provides a poreless finish as well as ensures that the sponge absorbs minimal liquid so that you can get the most of your beauty products. But these Beautyblender dupes do work in a similar way as the original, so for the best results, make sure you're following a similar process.

Just like when you use a Beautyblender, you'll first, you want to run your sponge under water, squeezing out the excess moisture until it grows about double its size. Then, when it's nice and puffy, blot out the excess moisture with a towel and roll it into your cream products. The pointed side is great for the nooks and crannies of your face, like around your nose and under your eyes, while the rounded bottom is better for covering large areas of skin, like your cheeks and forehead.

So, if you can't afford the cult-favorite Beauty Blender that makeup artists swear by, then check out the best Beauty Blender dupes you can buy on Amazon below.

The Best Overall Beauty Blender Dupe

If you're looking for the closest thing to a Beauty Blender, allow me to introduce you to the Aesthetica Beauty Sponge. It's a similar shape and size, and, like the Beauty Blender, it's completely latex-free. The one department that Aesthetica might beat the Beauty Blender is the color. Since it's black, as opposed to the Beauty Blender's pink, it's very easy to see where products like blush and foundation have been used. Otherwise, this bad boy is a dead ringer for the Beauty Blender — and at $7, it costs nearly a third of the price.

Best Dual-Sided Beauty Blender Dupe

One of the complaints about the Beauty Blender is that it can be a little tough to use around your eyes. That's where the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge comes in. It has the rounded and pointed edges like the Beauty Blender does, but it also has a flat, angled edge on the other side, which is perfect for blending around your eyes and along your hairline. It's also latex-free, and at $10 for a two pack, you're getting each sponge for a quarter of what you'd pay for your Beauty Blender.

Best Variety Pack

Serious makeup users will probably like having more than one makeup sponge in their kit, which is where the EmaxDesign 3-piece makeup blender sponge set comes in. For just $8, you get a small, medium, and large sponge, allowing you to customize which one you use with certain products. The large sponge would be fantastic for foundation, while the medium-sized option is great for cream blush and contour creams. The small sponge, on the other hand, is ideal for covering small blemishes and hard-to-reach areas, like around the nose, under your brow, or next to the eye. All three of the sponges are latex-free and antimicrobial, so you don't have to worry about germs or allergies.

Best Mini Beauty Blender Dupes

A mini sponge, like these little guys from Snowflakes, is a useful tool to have in your beauty arsenal for a few reasons. Firstly, they're extremely portable in ways that a larger sponge isn't, making them great for vacations or to stash in your makeup back when you take it on-the-go. They're also perfect for precise coverage of blemishes and for working makeup around your eyes and under your brow. Their teeny tips can also be used to perfect eyeliner lines and buff out eyeshadow on your lids. At $10 for a pack of six, these tiny sponges might just become the new workhorses of your tool arsenal.

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