The 4 Best Beach Chairs With Canopies

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Beaches aren't typically shady places, which is why the best beach chairs with canopies come equipped with full-coverage canopies that are either wide enough to offer shade from every angle or adjustable so they can be tilted to target the sun as it moves. Adjustable canopies will typically have a frame with either bendable joints or movable arms that let you relax all day long, without having to move your chair. As with other portable outdoor chairs, top-rated beach chairs with canopies should also feature sturdy metal frames that aren't too heavy to carry to your preferred spot.

Beach chairs vary a lot when it comes to weight, and it's up for you to decide what you're willing to carry (and which features are worth the extra effort). If you suspect you’ll be carrying your chair long distances, consider a lightweight option that folds down compactly and has a strap or carrying pouch so you can sling it over your shoulder.

And once you're actually at the beach, you can expect to encounter the full gambit of sun, wind, and water, so make sure that your chair's seat, back, and beach canopy are made from a high-density, durable fabric like polyester or nylon that can handle exposure to sun and salt water. If you truly want to protect your skin from the sun's rays, look for a canopy with an UPF protection of 50 or higher, though you should still always wear sunscreen.

Check out this roundup of beach chairs with canopies for some comfy options to keep cool on the beach this summer. And if you already have a beach chair you like and aren’t sure you’re ready to invest in a new one with a built-in canopy, you can buy a canopy that clips onto an existing chair to add a little bit of shade.

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A Beach Chair With UPF 50+ Sun Protection

With a built-in polyester canopy which offers UPF 50+ protection to shield you from the sun's harmful rays, the Kelsyus canopy chair is a great all-around pick. It weighs 11.25 pounds, striking a balance between light and obnoxiously heavy, and can be folded and expanded by simply pushing or pulling the legs. When folded, the canopy becomes the carrying case, complete with shoulder strap, for easy portability. While the canopy is not detachable, it can fold flat behind the chair when you don’t need it.

In addition to the thick canopy, you also get arm rests with cupholders in each side, a sturdy powder-coated steel frame, and a wide 22-inch seat that supports up to 250 pounds. With a 4.7-star rating overall based on over 1,800 Amazon reviews, this classic canopy chair is a popular choice for the beach, camping trips, and tailgating.

According to one reviewer: “The top is large so it covers the whole body and not just part. The cup holder holds a variety of cup sizes. The chair has some give so your not sitting on tightly pulled fabric for a hard sit. Seriously I cannot say enough about this chair and all the other parents have traded in their chairs after trying mine!”

A Fan-Favorite Recliner With An Accessory Tray

Lean back and relax in this zero-gravity chair from Best Choice Products. Put your feet up, recline the chair, and lock the chair in your preferred position. The comfy polyester textilene mesh seat and sturdy steel frame are resistant to all kinds of weather and can support up to 250 pounds. A detachable side tray can be mounted to either side of the chair, perfect for holding a drink, book, phone, or any other necessities. A removable head rest adds additional comfort. While the canopy can’t be tilted, it can be raised and lowered so that it’s still directly above you, no matter how far back you’re reclining. It can also be folded back behind the chair when you don’t need it.

It's worth noting that all these features do come at the expense of portability. Weighing 22.5 pounds and measuring 34 inches across, this chair is on the bulkier side, even after you’ve folded it up. It’s also missing straps or a carrying case that would make this easier to take to and from the beach. If you're planning to carry the chair for a long time, or if a heavy object isn't comfortable for you to carry, this may not be the chair for you. That said, with more than 3,000 reviews and a 4.5-star overall rating on Amazon, it's clear that many people feel this chair is exactly right for them. Choose from seven colors.

According to one reviewer: “It's so comfortable whether you're sitting upright or fully reclined. I love the fact that it has a canopy for shade. It has a cup holder and a place for magazines or cell phone or whatever. It's a bit heavy if you plan on carrying it to an event […] But using it to relax and have my coffee on the back patio ... It's perfect! I've even used it to sit and relax while doing work on my laptop outside. I've been using it for over a year now and no signs of wear and tear. This is very sturdy.”

A Lightweight Beach Chair With A Full-Coverage Canopy

There's a lot to love about this incredibly lightweight canopy chair from Brylane Home. Weighing only 5.72 pounds, it's super easy to tote this thing around in the included carrying bag. A full-coverage canopy stretches all the way down to the arm rests and has a window on each side which you can zip open for a cross breeze or expanded view — without ever needing to leave your cocoon of shade. The unique canopy design can be moved up or down, but because it blocks the sun on three sides, you won't have to keep moving the chair as the sun changes positions.

In addition to the canopy, the chair also has a 22-inch wide seat, a 350-pound weight capacity, built-in cup holders, and a sewn-on pouch for small items or valuables. Brylane Home doesn't specify the fabric that the canopy, seat, and back of the chair is made from, but one reviewer notes that it's made from "a polyester-nylon type material." Choose from two different colors.

According to one reviewer: “Easy to sit up and fold up; lovely color; the side windows open and close to allow air flow; tall back makes them very comfortable and they provide excellent shade. Best purchase online ever.”

The Best Budget Beach Chair With A Canopy

At less than $50, this affordable canopy chair from Quik Shade still boasts a sturdy frame that supports up to 500 pounds, a 25-inch wide seat, and an adjustable canopy that can be tilted to block the sun from just about every angle without moving the chair.

While the adjustability of the canopy is a bit limited since you can only lock the clamp into a few predefined positions, it still provides a convenient range of canopy angles so you can block the sun as it moves. It also has arm rests complete with cup holders so you’re ready for a long day of relaxing, whether you’re at the beach or your favorite campground.

At 15 pounds, this chair is a little on the heavier side, but it folds down easily and comes with a carrying bag so it should still be fairly easy to transport for many. It comes in two different colors, both made from heavy-duty polyester which resists water and stains.

According to one reviewer: “Very comfortable and cool to sit under in the sun. Used it for fishing [and] really enjoyed the shade it created and loved the drink holders on the sides. Easy to set up and take down. Great chair.”

Also Nice: A Canopy That Clips Onto A Beach Chair

If you already have a beach chair you love but it doesn't have a canopy or if you simply don't feel like shelling out for a specialized canopied option, you might prefer this adjustable canopy from Sport-Brella, which attaches to just about any beach chair. This popular canopy has a 4.3-star overall rating based on an impressive 27,000-plus reviews.

The thick polyester umbrella comes in eight colors, measures 40 by 42 inches (or 44 by 44 inches if you opt for the XL version), and is mounted to a sturdy pole that features a 360-degree swivel. Adjusting the angle is as easy as pushing the button on the hinge, moving it to the position you want, and pushing the button again to lock it in place. The canopy also offers UPF 50+ protection against the sun's harmful rays.

The whole thing weighs less than two pounds, folds down to just 3.5 inches wide, and comes with its own carrying bag. The heavy-duty clamp is a universal design that can securely grip both a round or square chair frame.

According to one reviewer: “With the connectors, you can arrange the umbrella pretty much however you want it. The clamp is good and stable. We were in brutally hot conditions without shade on a really windy day, but we were able to set these umbrellas up on our chairs and beat the heat.”