If You Snowboard, Training With These Balance Boards Will Keep You On Your Toes

There's nothing worse than enjoying a fresh powder day on the mountain only to have to quit halfway through because your legs are spent. The best way to avoid this scenario is by training regularly with the best balance boards for snowboarding — particularly early in the season, when your legs are usually the most out of shape. Working with a quality balance board will help strengthen your muscles, improve your balance, and refine your reaction time on the slopes.

When shopping for a balance board, the first decision to make is whether to get a solid or an inflatable version. Traditional solid balance boards are typically made out of wood and can't be adjusted for different skill levels. Meanwhile, many of the inflatable options offer more flexibility and varying levels of difficulty. Both styles have pros and cons — the wooden ones are sturdier and tend to feel more like a real snowboard, while the inflatable ones are more versatile and less likely to injure you or your furniture.

Beyond material, another thing to consider is the height. Beginners will typically want to start out on a shorter, one-piece style or a smaller cushion, while more advanced riders will want a longer roller with extra height to challenge their muscles and make it easier to practice tricks.

With all of these factors in mind, here's a list of the best balance boards for snowboarding for every skill level and athletic ability.

The Best Balance Board For Beginner Riders

Why it's great: If you get nervous balancing on a separate object that always seems poised to shoot out from underneath you, this one-piece board reduces the chances of it flying across the room and putting a gash in the wall (or your shin!). With fewer pieces, it's also less of a hassle to track and store — just lean it against the wall or slide it under the bed.

The trade-offs: You won't get the same degree of variety that comes with two and three-piece boards, nor will you be able to vary the height. Once you've mastered the basic movements, there's no way to increase the difficulty.

What fans say: "We have 5 of these boards, all different ... it is great for getting people started and those who are intimidated by [other boards]."

The Best For Intermediate & Advanced Riders

Why it's great: With a composite roller and solid two-piece design, this balance board is specifically made for intermediate and advanced snowboarders, as well as other board-sport athletes looking to hone their skills. It's super lightweight, exceptionally stable, and doesn't leave marks on the floors or carpet.

The trade-offs: It's not a good option for beginners, and there's no way to adjust the skill level. Also, a handful of reviewers noted that it wears down a bit after consistent use.

What fans say: "This thing blows me away. It is simple and light. This makes REAL skate tricks possible unlike any other roller based design out there. I am 175 [pounds] and it has been durable. It hasn't left a mark on my white carpet either."

The Best Inflatable Balance Board

Why it's great: I personally have this balance board and can attest that it is awesome. It's less dangerous, it won't ding your furniture, and the inflatable design means it can accommodate any difficulty level. (My grandma could use this balance board, and so could Shaun White).

The trade-offs: Although durable (it's made from the same material as whitewater rafts), it's indeed possible to puncture. It's also bigger than lots of other boards, so it takes up more space, and the extra width makes it feel less fluid than a real snowboard.

What fans say: "This product is so versatile. The ability to inflate and deflate allows you to [choose] your challenge and progress your skills and strength at your pace. Great for the kids and the athlete in your family."

The Best Budget Option

Why it's great: Instead of getting a full balance board setup, this cool adapter kit lets you convert your own skate deck into a balance board. It's super easy to use and offers flexibility so you can train on the exact length, style, and design you want. It's also significantly cheaper than a full balance board setup.

The trade-offs: If you don't already have an old skateboard lying around or you don't want to invest in one, it may be more hassle than it's worth.

What fans say: "The kit was easy to install on my old skateboard and I'm confident that the roller and brackets won't scuff the floor. It rolls a little sluggish on carpet, but other than that it's a far better value and easier to personalize than other well known balance boards. Balance boards are a lot of fun and I'm happy I got this one."

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