Want A Deeper Clean? These Are The Best Facial Cleansing Brushes You Can Buy For Under $40

If you've ever spent several minutes double cleansing your face only to be left with a hand towel that's still somehow streaked with foundation, a cleansing device will change the way you wash your face. Not only do they remove makeup with ease, but they also help improve the appearance and texture of your skin without adding a bunch of other steps to your routine. Though the most effective cleansing devices tend to be pricey, the best affordable facial cleansing brushes still get the job done without blowing your bank account.

Thanks to the pulsing brush head, these devices start by gently removing makeup and clearing pores of dirt and oil. While you wash your face, they also help exfoliate dead skin cells for a smoother appearance and pores that are less visible. Plus, because the brush heads work better to clean your skin, the products you apply after (like your serum and moisturizer) are able to be properly absorbed for better results.

Even sensitive skin types can use a cleansing device by making sure to choose a soft brush head and a device with a low speed setting. If you have sensitive skin, you may also want to start out by using the device just two to three times a week to see how your skin tolerates it. In addition to soft brush heads, many of these devices have other attachments you can choose from to personalize your skin care routine, including coarse brushes, exfoliating heads, and even rolling massage heads to increase blood circulation.

Ahead are four of the best affordable facial cleansing brushes that are Amazon-approved and all under $50. Grab your favorite face wash and start cleansing.

Best Drugstore Facial Cleansing Brush

Though Olay designed this device to be used with their Regenerist Detoxifying Pore Scrub Cleanser, you can just as easily use it with any cleanser of your choice as part of your nightly routine. The battery-operated device was designed with dermatologists to clean skin in just 60 seconds, and it has two speed settings to choose from if you want something gentle for sensitive skin. Plus, the Olay Regenerist Facial Cleansing Brush even comes with two cleansing brush heads to get you started (you'll want to change out your brush head every three months at the latest to avoid any sort of bacterial buildup).

Best Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush

There's no need to worry about replacing brush heads with this Solo Mio Sonic Facial Brush, which is dual-sided for cleansing and massaging. The rechargeable device uses silicone bristles, which claim to be gentler than a brush, and it lets you choose from several different vibrating speeds. Since it's made of silicone and not bristles, it's also a more hygienic option, since silicone is less prone to harbor bacteria. Amazon users rave about how effective the Solo Mio is for every skin type, and how gentle it is.

One customer writes, "This thing has exceeded my expectations … my face is cleaner, almost breakout-free, and it helps with exfoliation, too." Another user credits the device with clearing up acne, writing, "It makes my skin super smooth, and most importantly it doesn't hurt/irritate cystic or surface acne." Amazon users also note that the Solo Mio is easy to travel with and holds a charge for months.

An Affordable Cleansing Device System Amazon Users Swear By

For a more traditional cleansing device at a fraction of the cost, Amazon users love this Fancii Facial Cleansing Spin Brush. Complete with a convenient carrying case for travel, the handheld device is battery-operated, equipped with two different speed settings, and comes with three different brush heads: a daily cleansing facial brush for removing makeup, an exfoliating facial brush to help with breakouts and clogged pores, and a silicone face brush for sensitive skin.

One Amazon reviewer writes, "My skin feels super smooth, and I've seen a marked improvement in the blackheads on my cheekbones in just the last week."

An Even Cheaper Facial Cleansing Brush With Multiple Attachments

At an even more impressive price point is the Pixnor Facial Cleansing Brush. This brush basically does it all with seven different attachment heads that can be used to cleanse your face and even buff your body. It's waterproof and battery-operated, and it comes with two different speed settings. For gentle cleansing, the device comes with a makeup sponge and ultra-fine brush, while the soft brush can be used for general cleansing. If you want a deeper clean, you can use the coarse brush or exfoliating head, while the rolling massage head can be used after washing your face to improve circulation and help your skin care products penetrate deeper. The device even comes with a pumice pad that removes calluses and dry skin from elbows and feet, if you're looking for a full-body treatment.

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