The 32 Most Genius Products That Solve Your Gross Cold Weather Problems

By Braelyn Wood

When cold weather arrives, the ground outside turns to mush, the air becomes unbearably dry, and your entryway starts to fill with mud and slush. But instead of dealing with these inevitable wintertime downfalls, it's time to start using genius products on Amazon that actually solve your gross cold weather problems.

For me, wintertime means my entire body suddenly decides to become drier than the Sahara desert. I typically have oily skin, but that doesn't stop my knuckles from acquiring some serious wind burn, or my cuticles from tragically shredding away from my nail beds. However, finding the right treatments to soothe and moisturize my skin is critical for making it through chilly weather. Luckily, this list covers a plethora of nourishing formulas designed to treat dry skin and restore vital hydration — whether it be on your scalp, hands, face, or feet. And while dry skin might cause my wintertime blues, for other people it's brutally dry sinuses, stinky snow gear, or dirty ice trails through their front door.

Of course, like every problem, someone on Amazon has already found a solution. With these useful products, you'll easily solve your gross cold weather problems and maybe even start to like winter again — but no promises on that one.

Fashion — The 32 Most Genius Products That Solve Your Gross Cold Weather Problems
by Braelyn Wood

1. A Boot Scrubber That Cleans Up Dirty AF Boots

Rhino Bilt Original All-In-One Scrubber, $20, Amazon

This durable shoe scrubber attacks the build-up of mud and ice on your boots, making your floors a little cleaner this winter. It's made with a heavy gauge metal and wood frame that's weatherproofed for the harshest conditions, and the stiff, durable bristles are made from corrugated plastic. For the most thorough cleaning, mount it to a deck or flat surface using the included hardware.


2. A Cool Mist Humidifier That Soothes Dry Sinuses

Crane USA Cool Mist Humidifier, $45, Amazon

If constantly cranking the heat in cooler weather is terrorizing your sinuses (and causing some crazy leakage), it might be time to invest in a cool mist humidifier. It uses ultrasonic vibrations rather than heat to create a super-fine mist that's actually cool to the touch and will help rid coughs, dry skin, and even nosebleeds from cold weather. Reviewers wrote it was not only super quiet but incredibly user-friendly. The sleek humidifier can humidify up to 500 square feet and has a sleek top that can rotate up to 360 degrees.


3. A Handy Little Dryer That Keeps Gloves And Mittens From Smelling

The Green Glove Dryer, $20, Amazon

When your winter mittens faintly smell of mildew all winter long, this glove dryer is the perfect solution. The drying system can be placed directly over your home's air vents to redirect heat into an eco-friendly dryer. Each 4-inch base has six vented arms that can be used to air out damp winter accessories. Lightweight enough to bring along for ski trips or travel, it's safe for fleece, wool, cashmere, and other delicate fabrics. One reviewer even notes that if you don't have air vents, just circulating air through the gloves dries them: "Just having the ability to prop your gloves open and let air circulate into them would make this glove dryer useful."


4. A Soothing Night Balm That Treats Dry Lips With Shea Butter

C.O. Bigelow My Favorite Night Balm, $12, Amazon

Give your lips a nourishing treatment overnight with C.O. Bigelow's recovery lip balm. It's carefully crafted by chemists to contain 5 percent Shea butter and can moisturize your lips up to eight hours. Reviewers wrote that not only was the formula lightweight and non-greasy, but could make your lips softer in just one treatment.


5. A Skin Guard That Protects Skin From Wind Burn

Warm Skin All Weather Guard, $12, Amazon

Give your skin an extra layer of protection against brutal winter winds with an all-weather skin guard. This warm skin cream adds an extra layer of warmth without the unwanted weight of layers of clothing — and keeps blood circulating. It also traps in heat to help regulate your body's temperature, while also working as a moisturizing treatment. Neither greasy nor shiny, it's virtually invisible on skin and effectively prevents against red, chafing skin.


6. The Fleece Boot Liners That Keep You Super Warm So You Can Ditch Wet Socks

Jileon Unisex Soft Winter Fleece Rainboot Liners (S-XL), $8-$16, Amazon

These 100 percent fleece boot liners help trap in your body's natural heat to keep your feet warm. The naturally absorbent fleece is quick drying, letting you replace wet cotton socks and keeping your feet dry and stink-free. Each super-soft liner is also carefully crafted with internal seams designed to never hit the sole of your foot. They're also machine-washable and come in six colors.


7. An Intense Moisturizer That Uses Jojoba And Avocado Oils To Soothe Flaky Skin

Bioelements Really Rich Moisturizer, $40, Amazon

Combat the drying effect of low temperatures and chilly winds with Bioelements' moisturizer. It's designed to treat super dry skin with emollient ingredients like olive oil and shea butter, which saturate the skin to lock in moisture. Ideal for excessive dryness and flaking, this heavy duty cream is non-greasy and clinically tested to be non-irritating. One reviewer even claimed that it even stood up to the high standards of their previous face cream from luxury skincare brand La Mer.


8. The Treatment Gloves That Use A Gel Lining To Lock-In Moisture

NatraCure Gel Moisturizing Gloves, $10, Amazon

These moisturizing gloves are the easiest treatment to deal with wind-burned knuckles and dry palms. Each pair of snug-fitting gloves has a non-breathable gel lining that slowly releases mineral oils to hydrate your hands and cuticles. Just wear them to bed or around the house two to three times a week for maximum effect. Hypoallergenic and machine-washable, they're even scented with lavender for an added calming benefit.


9. A Scalp Oil That Uses Argan Oil To Condition Dry Hair And Dry Scalp

Tree To Tub Argan Oil For Hair, $19, Amazon

If winter means the appearance of more than just snowflakes, this argan oil is the easiest way to nourish your scalp back to health. The argan oil is delivered in a moisturizing hair conditioner that's also infused with pomegranate, shea butter, and coconut oil. That means every treatment not only soothes dry, itchy scalps, but restores damaged hair. One reviewer said using the non-toxic and vegan formula made their dandruff "all but disappear."


10. A Foot Cream That Uses Glycerin To Draw In Moisture For Smooth Feet

O'Keeffe's Foot Cream for Healthy Feet, $9, Amazon

This concentrated foot cream uses a combination of glycerin, allantoin, and paraffin to heal, relieve, and repair dry, cracked feet. The clinically-tested formula is proven to instantly boost moisture, all while creating a protective layer on the skin to prevent moisture loss. Just apply the foot cream before bedtime or after bathing, and see results in a matter of days. And if you're skeptical, take over 6,700 reviews as proof this foot cream is actual magic.


11. A Cuticle Oil That Uses Sea Kelp And Tea Tree Oil To Nourish Cracked Cuticles

Cuccio Revitalize Cuticle Oil, $10, Amazon

If winter means death for your cuticles, try applying Cuccio's revitalizing cuticle conditioner. The lightweight oil uses a combination of sea kelp and tea tree oil to gently nourish cracked cuticles while creating a protective barrier. Lightly scented with ocean notes, it can be applied over nail polish or as a solo treatment. Each 2.5-ounce bottle is thoughtfully designed with one flat side to help you reach every last drop of conditioner.


12. A Shower Filter That Removes Impurities To Fight Off Winter Itch

Auxoda 10-Stage Universal Shower Filter, $30, Amazon

Water additives like chlorine and heavy metals can irritate and dry out skin, which is why investing in a shower filter might be your smartest cold weather move. This system uses a 10-stage filtration system with calcium sulfite and activated carbon to purify water without decreasing your water pressure. It's easy to install with a universal connector that works with fixed, rainfall, or handheld shower heads — and it requires zero tools. Not only will your skin be softer, but your hair will be shinier and less static-y.


13. A Static Spray That Nourishes Hair With Vitamin E While Controlling Frizz

R+Co Frizz & Static Control Spray, $28, Amazon

Negative outdoor temperatures mean less humid air and the return of static hair. To combat the frustration of fly-aways, use R+Co's frizz and static control spray. It combines an anti-static agent with vitamin E to control strands while also strengthening locks and restoring shine. Free of mineral oils, parabens, and sulfates, the 5-ounce bottle can be sprayed on damp hair to fight frizz or on damp hair to stop fly-aways.


14. An Essential Oil That Fights Off Nasty Colds

Edens Garden Fighting Five Essential Oil, $11, Amazon

Instead of spending half of your winter cooped up inside with congestion, try using an all-natural essential oil remedy to fight off colds. It uses a combination of five essential oils, including clove bud, cinnamon leaf, Moroccan rosemary, lemon, and eucalyptus to promote your immune system's health. They're gentle enough to use daily and can be put into a diffuser or diluted with water on the skin.


15. The All-Natural Hand Sanitizers That Are Infused With Botanicals And Get Those Work Germs Off Your Desk

ArtNaturals Hand Sanitizer Gels with Essential Oils, $12 (4 Pack), Amazon

Unlike other hand sanitizers that kill germs while drying out your skin, these all-natural alternatives do the opposite. They're crafted with nutrient-rich botanicals like aloe vera and vitamin E, which soothe and moisturize the skin while killing off 99 percent of bacteria. Each four-pack includes one unscented option and three additional 220-milliliter bottles infused with a different essential oil, including coconut, lavender, and tea tree — which is naturally antibacterial.


16. A Boot Tray That Contains Melting Snow And Dirt

SassiLeaf Multi-Purpose Tray, $22, Amazon

If you have trails of dirt leading to your front door, it might be time to add a boot tray to your entryway. It's made from a durable plastic and measures 30 inches long by 15 inches wide, which fits up to a men's size 13 shoe. It also has just over 1-inch sides that help trap moisture and debris in the tray to keep your floors safe from dirt and liquid. Available in three neutral colors, it's also easy to clean with a sponge or hose.


17. An Eye Wash That Uses Tea Tree Oil To Get Rid Of Those Crusties

We Love Eyes Eyelid & Eyelash Cleaning Oil, $24, Amazon

If your eyes feel just as dry as your skin in cold weather, they deserve the same added TLC with this eyelid cleansing oil. It uses a combination of tea tree oil, jojoba oil, and grapeseed extract to kill bacteria, balance oils, and reduce inflammation around the eyes — and get rid of that crust in the morning, which only seems to multiply in cold weather. Apply the vegan formula to the back of your eyelashes with a cotton swap nightly to relieve itchy eyes, reduce build-up, or even treat blepharitis.


18. A Moisturizing Mask That Hydrates Skin While You Sleep

Genius.NN Japan Hyaluronic Acid Sleeping Gel Mask, $20, Amazon

This gel mask gives your skin a powerful boost of moisture overnight. It's infused with hyaluronic acid, which is a natural humectant that draws water to the skin. Apply it generously on your face before bedtime three to four times a week for overnight repair. One happy reviewer wrote: "I have EXTREMELY dry skin and this gives me plenty of moisture without any greasy feeling," before claiming it worked better than more expensive competitors.


19. The Nose Wipes That Use Saline To Gently Dissolve Mucus

Saline Soothers Nose Wipes, $3, Amazon

Unlike regular tissues can leave your nose dry and irritated, these nose wipes are infused with soothing vitamin E, aloe, and chamomile. The moisturized wipes use a sterile saline to naturally dissolve mucus and gently wipe away snot. They're both hypoallergenic and alcohol-free, with both scent-free and menthol-infused options. Each pack contains 20 wipes and is small enough to fit into your purse.


20. A Phone Sanitizer That Kills Germs To Prevent Colds

PhoneSoap 3.0 Phone Sanitizer, $60, Amazon

It's no surprise that your phone is dirty and carries a plethora of germs, which means a phone sanitizer is a necessity in the fight against the flu. PhoneSoap's latest model uses a UV-C light that safely kills 99.99 percent of bacteria while your phone charges. It's safe to leave the phone charging overnight, but can also work in as quickly as six minutes. Large enough to fit an iPhone 6 plus, it comes in six colors.


21. The Easy-Grip Trimmers That Precisely Trim Cuticles

Tweezerman Mini Hangnail Clippers, $12, Amazon

When your cuticles dry out, hangnails and peeling nail beds are inevitable. These hangnail clippers are the safest way to clean and trim your cuticles. The ergonomic tweezers have ultra-sharp precision blades that snip skin without pulling or tearing. To use the stainless steel trimmers, just squeeze the handles with slight pressure to a quick snip. One reviewer wrote they were "pure magic if you get hangnails frequently," and great at "eliminating that pull you usually get" with most snippers.


22. A Best-Selling Gel That Balls Off All That Dead Skin Off Your Face

Cure Natural Aqua Gel, $27, Amazon

This aqua gel treatment gently exfoliates your skin without any harsh chemicals, which quickly earned it a cult following in Japan, where it's a bestseller. The all-natural formula, which uses natural plant extracts from rosemary, gingko, and aloe vera, is safe for even the most sensitive skin. For the best treatment, use three times a week by rubbing three to four pumps directly onto your skin for 30 seconds — and watch the dead skin ball off right into your hands. It's gross, but totally satisfying.


23. The Deodorizing Satchels That Use Metal To Neutralize Odors

GearHalo Deodorizer Pods, $20, Amazon

If your snow boots are likely to reek after trekking outdoors, use GearHalo's deodorizer pods to gently remove bad odors. They're specially developed with SilverActiv technology that uses tiny metal balls to neutralize bad odors and replace them with a clean, fresh scent. Also great for removing moisture, the pods can be renewed after a quick run through the dryer, so they'll last a long time.


24. A Foot Scrubber That Exfoliates To Scrub Away Dead Skin

VIVE Shower Foot Scrubber, $13, Amazon

If your feet tend to crack and peel in colder weather, then use this foot scrubber to exfoliate while you're in the shower. It uses stiff outer bristles to smooth down calluses and scrub rough skin, while softer inner bristles gently massage your toes and soles. It also has a strong suction cup base that can attach to any tub or shower. Not to mention, it's resistant to mold and can be hung between uses for a quicker dry.


25. A Moisturizing Hair Tonic That Nourishes Your Hair And Scalp With Vitamin E

Fig + Yarrow Hair And Scalp Oil, $17, Amazon

When you read this scalp treatment's powerful combination of oils, including organic argan, avocado, hemp seed, coconut, meadowfoam, olive, and camelina, you'll understand why it's called a nourishing "tonic." Combine those oils with the healing effects of burdock root, and you'll wonder how you ever survived winter without this treatment. Handcrafted in small batches, it penetrates your scalp and hydrates skin for a thorough deep-conditioning.


26. A Nasal Mist That Uses Hyaluronic Acid To Restore Moisture To Your Sinuses

Hyalogic HylaMist Nasal Mist, $11, Amazon

This nasal mist uses the moisturizing effects of hyaluronic acid to naturally soothe and hydrate dry, stuffy nasal passages. Unlike other nasal sprays, which can be addictive, this cruelty-free version ditches harmful preservatives for an all-natural solution to irritated sinuses. It's also packed with grapefruit seed extract, which has antioxidant and sterilizing properties. One reviewer wrote it was "a relief for dry nose like no other!"


27. A Portable Facial Steamer That Creates Steam In Just 30 Seconds

Okachi Gliya Portable Nano Facial Steamer, $41, Amazon

If you need a hydrating treatment (or some sinus relief) ASAP, this portable facial steamer is the way to go. It creates full-powered steam in just 30 seconds with a PTC ceramic heating element that rapidly vaporizes water. The resulting steam is sterilized with an internal UV lamp and comes out in micro-fine particles that penetrate skin. The 80-milliliter tank provides enough steam for a 15-minute treatment before it automatically shuts-off, and it will even help your moisturizer sink in better.


28. An Electronic Foot File That Shaves Away Calluses

MiroPure Electronic Foot File, $22, Amazon

This electronic foot file rotates a coarse foot exfoliator 360 degrees to efficiently buff dry, cracked skin. The waterproof tool ditches blades, making it super safe to use at home. Just charge it for two hours before letting it run continuously up to 80 minutes. Compact and lightweight enough for travel, it also has an ergonomic handle to improve your grip when the file is both wet and dry.


29. A Rice Milk Peel That Gently Exfoliates Your Skin Through Gentle Gommage Treatments

Dermasuri Rice Milk Face Exfoliator, $30, Amazon

If you're struggling with dead skin, try a gommage style treatment, which lets the treatment gently sit on your skin before peeling away the top layers of dead skin. This rice milk-infused option from Dermasuri creates tiny gray rolls on your skin that gently lift away skin to leave it feeling soft and smooth. Also infused with moisturizing vitamin E and hyaluronic acid, it can safely be used up to three times a week.


30. A Workout Top That Keeps You Warm While Quickly Drying Your Sweat

Goodsport Drying Active Long Sleeve Shirt (S-XL), $36, Amazon

Just because it's winter doesn't mean you won't sweat when you go for a run — and this quick-drying workout top is warm enough to go out for a jog in while wicking away the sweat that inevitably follows. It's a pullover with a mock neck, it's machine-washable, and is even comfortable to lounge around in.


31. An Eye Mask That Brings Back Some Major Hydration To Under Eyes

Eye Mask With Aloe Vera & Fresh Collagen, $15, Amazon

These aloe vera masks soothe dry under eyes when moisturizer just isn't enough. It's also infused with collagen to keep things firm and tight, and they're alcohol-, oil-, and paraben-free. Safe for any skin types, reviewers are loving that this produces results after the first use.


32. The Restorative Balm That Helps Out With Cracked Hands And Feet

Crack Blaster Repair Balm, $23, Amazon

Made to tackle the cracks that come with extremely dry skin, this repair balm starts to work after a few uses. Fragrance-free and safe for hands, feet, and even elbows, it's made with lanolin and fortified with jojoba oil, aloe vera, and a number of vitamins A, C, and E. One enthusiastic reviewer wrote: "During winter time it healed up my cracked skin around my fingers. Secondly the heels on my feet are soft again. I couldn't go without my Crack Blaster. If I could give it 10 stars I would."

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