The 32 Most Genius Products That Solve Your Gross Cold Weather Problems

By Braelyn Wood
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When cold weather arrives, the ground outside turns to mush, the air becomes unbearably dry, and your entryway starts to fill with mud and slush. But instead of dealing with these inevitable wintertime downfalls, it's time to start using genius products on Amazon that actually solve your gross cold weather problems.

For me, wintertime means my entire body suddenly decides to become drier than the Sahara desert. I typically have oily skin, but that doesn't stop my knuckles from acquiring some serious wind burn, or my cuticles from tragically shredding away from my nail beds. However, finding the right treatments to soothe and moisturize my skin is critical for making it through chilly weather. Luckily, this list covers a plethora of nourishing formulas designed to treat dry skin and restore vital hydration — whether it be on your scalp, hands, face, or feet. And while dry skin might cause my wintertime blues, for other people it's brutally dry sinuses, stinky snow gear, or dirty ice trails through their front door.

Of course, like every problem, someone on Amazon has already found a solution. With these useful products, you'll easily solve your gross cold weather problems and maybe even start to like winter again — but no promises on that one.

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