These Super-Absorbent Tampons Are — Gasp — Actually Comfortable To Wear

by Margeaux Baulch Klein
fotolia/Tetiana Ivanova

The comfort-level of your tampon is almost, if not equally, as important as its absorbency. In fact, the best and most comfortable tampons should enable you to go about your day and forget, at least for a little while, that you're on your period at all.

What makes for a comfortable tampon? Since compact tampons and those with smooth applicators are generally less bulky and easier to insert, these tend to be the best choices. Some compact tampons even come in a super size for days when your flow is heavier, so you don't have to sacrifice absorbency for ease. Ultimately, whether you choose one with an applicator or one without will come down to your personal preference.

Keep in mind that tampons don't all work the same. Some expand in width when they become saturated, while others expand vertically. While there's definitely benefits to both designs, tampons that expand vertically as they absorb may give you the sensation that your tampon is falling out. That's why tampons that expand horizontally may be more comfortable for a lot of people, especially if you need to go longer stretches of time in between changing them.

For more details on the most comfortable tampons, scroll down for the three top picks.

The Most Comfortable Tampon Without An Applicator

Designed by a female gynecologist, these leak-proof o.b. Pro Comfort tampons live up to the "comfort" that is in their name. They are tiny in size, much smaller than a typical standard-size tampon, and expand all-around when full. Plus, they have a smooth coating that makes them so easy to insert that no applicator is required. Not only does an applicator-free tampon end up being more environmentally-friendly (no plastic!), but it also makes these tampons super-discreet to carry around — an added plus!

What fans say: "I’ve been using these for many many years, and they beat any other type. The silk touch variety has been around much longer in Europe, and I'm glad they are becoming more common in the U.S. now. Much more comfortable to insert as they don't stick. They are small enough to fit into my jeans change pocket easily.”

The Most Comfortable Tampon With An Applicator

If you prefer a tampon with an applicator, these unscented Tampax Pearl tampons boast a smooth round-tipped applicator that's designed to be easy to grip, ensuring proper insertion every time. Tampax promises that these regular-size tampons will give you up to eight hours of leak-free protection and, as they expand, they conform to your body’s shape. When it's time for removal, the tampon's smooth exterior layer makes them that much more comfortable to take out.

What fans say: "These are incredibly comfortable and easy to put [in]. You don't even feel them when you have them in. I would recommend these."

The Most Comfortable Organic Tampons

For a tampon that's both comfortable and made with fewer chemicals than typical tampon brands, these 100-percent organic cotton Cora tampons are a great option. While they are a little pricier than other tampons, they are free of bleach, fragrance, and toxins, and even have a leak-proof design with a BPA-free, smooth-tipped plastic applicator. These tampons also expand in width when full, so there's no chance you'll feel like the tampon is falling out when you wear these. Best of all, for every box purchased, Cora donates a month's worth of menstrual products to girls in need.

What fans say: "These tampons feel as if you're not wearing them at all. They are the most comfortable and conform to your body so there is no pinching or discomfort as you move."

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