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These Non-Slip Yoga Mats Are The Secret To Exercising Safely On Carpet— & They're All On Amazon


No wood floors? No problem. You can still build a beautiful yoga practice at home even on top of wall-to-wall carpet, provided you get yourself the right mat. Unlike the most traditional styles, the best yoga mats for carpet will be thicker (at least 6 millimeters) and crafted from natural or TPE rubber in order to provide necessary traction and durability so you can stay balanced.

The average yoga mats are about 3 to 4 millimeters (or 1/8th of an inch) thick, which may be suitable for hard floors but is typically too thin for carpets or rugs because they are likelier to slide and bunch up. Instead, the sweet spot for a yoga mat for a carpeted space is right around 6 millimeters. If you have knee pain or like the idea of extra cushioning overall, you might be tempted to go even thicker, but that amount of padding, coupled with the softness of your carpet, could make it harder to stay balanced. Just imagine doing a headstand on a couch cushion!

A firm grip is important no matter what type of yoga move you're in, but for use on carpets (especially ones that are plusher), look for a mat that has the right level of tackiness on both the top and the underside. Yoga mats made from environmentally friendly rubber — either sourced naturally or from a type of thermoplastic foam called TPE, stand out in this department because they are known for their outstanding non-slip texture. Though they are typically more expensive than the mats made from PVC, you'll get the added benefit of steadiness and sustainability from them.

Keeping all of the above in mind, you can find a list of the best yoga mats to use on carpet below. You're just a click away from the peaceful home yoga session you've been hoping for!

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The Overall Best Yoga Mat For Carpet

Dimensions: 24 x 72 inches (width x length)

If you're a yogi who prefers a fast-paced practice, you'll love how well this IUGA yoga mat stays firmly in place, while creating a grip for your hands and feet. The mat is made with tear and wear-resistant TPE, creating a non-slip surface on the top and bottom sides of the mat. The textured pattern on both sides adds even more traction, keeping your mat from sliding around on carpeting and preventing your hands and feet from slipping as you move through your asanas. The durable mat is made to last and has a middle-layer mesh with anti-tearing technology. The 6-millimeter thickness provides strong cushioning support to protect wrists and knees but is dense enough to keep you upright in balancing poses. The eco-friendly mat is PVC and latex-free.

One yogi's review: "These yoga mats are great. I bought two in different colors - one for myself and one for my husband. Just as described, there is no odor at all, which is a common issue with a lot of mats due to the type of material commonly used. I really like the texture of the mat. I have used it on both low-pile carpet and hardwood without issues of slipping. The thickness and softness of the mat are just right. I use the mat for yoga, pilates, and tai chi so I'm doing a mix of standing, balancing, laying, sitting, etc and the mat is perfect for all aspects of my practice."

The Best For Beginners: A Yoga Mat For Carpet With Helpful Alignment Lines

Dimensions: 26 x 72 inches (width x length)

Made from non-slip TPE material, this Heathyoga mat has alignment lines so you can adjust your stance, hands, and feet and get deeper into poses. The mat is textured on both sides, adding traction to the bottom and grip for hands and feet to keep you from sliding. The mat is 6 millimeters thick, which will protect your knees on thinner carpeting and has an anti-tear mesh layer for durability. It's also PVC and latex-free and comes in four soothing color combos.

One yogi's review: "This yoga mat is perfect. It has just the right amount of stick and its just the right thickness. I have used it at a studio on hardwood floors and it doesn't slide at all. Ive also used it at home on the carpet and it manages to stay there as well."

The Best Splurge: A Highly-Rated Yoga Mat For Carpets That Is Made To Last

Dimensions: 24 x 68 inches and 24 x 74 inches (width x length)

With more than 1,600 five-star reviews on Amazon, this Jade yoga mat has quite a fanbase. Yogis especially love the Harmony mat's excellent grip thanks to its open-cell structure. Though it's the thinnest pick on this list — 4.76 millimeters— the mat is still densely made, providing all the cushioning your body needs without adding too much bulk, which makes it especially great for shaggier carpeting. It's also the only pick not made from TPE, rather it's crafted from an all-natural rubber (sourced from a rubber tree) that the brand claims provides a "much stronger grip and more cushion than any of the synthetic rubbers." It's PVC and latex-free and comes in 10 gorgeous solid colors.

Though it is significantly pricier than the other picks, this well-made, durable mat is a great investment if you're a regular practitioner. One reviewer wrote that her first Jade mat lasted 10 years! Plus, to make it even more worth your while, the company promises to plant a tree for every mat sold.

Note: Tall yogis, you will especially appreciate the option to purchase the longer 74-inch size.

One yogi's review: "Supportive, extra grippy. Never moves on hard floor or carpet, which is important for floating/inversions. No amount of dripping sweat detracts from the grip. EXACTLY what I was looking for."