If You've Got Sensitive Skin, You Can't Go Wrong With One Of These Tinted Moisturizers

by C Mandler

I love a good tinted moisturizer. They're the perfect intermediary between a basic hydrating cream and a foundation, with one not providing the coverage I want to cover my hyperpigmentation, and the other being heavy enough that I risk a break out every time I wear it. When you have fickle dermis like I do, finding the best tinted moisturizers for sensitive skin can be a real challenge — but that's why I've put together this list.

Whether you've got sensitive skin that's almost too dry to function (because the only thing I love more than skin care is a good Mean Girls reference) or you're looking for some extra concealing power for pesky pimples and stubborn scars, these tinted moisturizers are sure to provide relief for all types of sensitive skin.

Additionally, I tried to pick options with as wide a variety of shades as possible, because in a post-Fenty Beauty world, it's unacceptable for any tinted makeup to only provide whiter shades of pale. Unfortunately, many of the best tinted moisturizers and BB creams are from Asian beauty brands that only cater to lighter shade ranges, so when I tell y'all that I SCOURED the Internet to find viable products for folks of all skin tones, you better believe I really, really did.

Whether you decide on one of the two tinted moisturizers or the one BB cream I included as a bonus — yes, I know it's not a tinted moisturizer, but weren't rules made to be broken? — I guarantee that you'll close this tab having found the perfect product for your sensitive skin.

The All-Around Best Tinted Moisturizer For Sensitive Skin (And My Actual Holy Grail Product)

When I bought this tinted moisturizer from my local Sephora last month — because I didn't realize it's WAY cheaper on Amazon — I wasn't expecting to fall in love. But I'm very happy to report that the bareMinerals Hydrating Gel Cream and I are going steady, and we've never been happier. Hot day? Gel cream. Drying winds? Gel cream. Breakout? Gel cream. Plus, it's super gentle, comes in 16 shades, contains SPF 30 (because what's a sensitive skin product without adequate sun protection?), and is free of fragrances, parabens, mineral oils, and animal-derived byproducts. If you're looking for a catch-all skin-saver that's actually kind to your skin and your furry friends, this is just the thing for you.

Available in: Opal 01, Birch 1.5, Vanilla 02, Buttercream 03, Suede 04, Wheat 4.5, Natural 05, Bamboo 5.5, Ginger 06, Desert 6.5, Tan 07, Dune 7.5, Spice 08, Terra 8.5, Chestnut 09, Sienna 10.

Another Great Option That People Swear By

I know that the listed price seems daunting, but aside from two of the available shades being weirdly expensive, this tinted moisturizer from Laura Mercier is actually super reasonably priced for a prestige brand. Plus, with such a highly pigmented product, a small amount will do the trick, so one bottle should last months without a need for repurchase. This moisturizer is another great option for folks with sensitive skin that also boasts a relatively impressive shade range, and is oil-free to boot, meaning it won't aggravate a break-out or make your T-zone greasy. While dermatologists recommend an SPF of at least 30 for a product to provide adequate sun protection, some SPF is definitely better than none, and this product is lightweight enough that it can be paired with your favorite fast-absorbing sunscreen without making your makeup look piled-on or heavy. This formula is non-comedogenic, contains vitamin E to help nourish the skin, and provides a semi-matte finish, making it ideal for year-round use, but will be especially beneficial in warm weather.

Available in: Porcelain, Blush, Nude, Bisque, Cameo, Sand, Natural, Fawn, Ochre, Tawny, Almond, Caramel, Tan, Walnut, Mocha.

A Full-Coverage BB Cream For Folks With Scarring And Hyperpigmentation

I'm not going to lie — when I saw that this was one of the top-reviewed BB creams on Amazon, my first thought was, "Bella Terra? Who is she? I don't know her." A quick Google search showed that Bella Terra's beauty cream is literally HALF-PRICE on Amazon when compared to the dollar amounts listed on their actual website, so Bella Terra? Nice to meet ya. This product offers buildable coverage — so you can control exactly how much tint you want and need — and SPF 15 for a little extra sun protection (but be sure to layer on your favorite sunscreen if you plan on being outdoors). Plus, this cream is cruelty-free and formulated without drying alcohol or aggravating oil, making it perfect for sensitive-skinned folks looking for an all-in-one tinted hydrator. Admittedly, the shade range for this BB isn't nearly as impressive as the aforementioned tinted moisturizers, but for a BB cream, three lighter options and three darker options is actually better than industry standard. Trust me, I know this is absolutely heinous, but that's why I didn't even bother mentioning brands that didn't provide at least the same number of lighter and darker skin options.

Available In: Fair, Light, Medium, Medium Tan, Dark Tan, Dark.

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