These Convenient Shower Speakers Will Change Your Bathroom For The Better

by Tiana Crump
Gabor Tinz/Shutterstock

There are lots of different waterproof speaker options out there, but the best shower speakers have a few things in common. As you shop around, don't forget to keep the following specs in mind.

The first is the IPX rating, which tells you the waterproof or water-resistant level, and a rating of IPX4 or higher is usually ideal. Note: A speaker with an IPX6 rating or above can withstand being fully submerged in the water without missing a beat. Next, consider the speaker's design. Size and installation will likely vary, so you'll want to choose the design that suits your bathroom aesthetic and is the most comfortable to use. Some are portable stand-alone speakers, while others might require attachment to your shower wall or head. Lastly, don't forget about compatibility. Double check that whichever speaker you choose is compatible with your smartphone or the Bluetooth devices you plan on using. And if you're someone who enjoys taking long showers, a longer battery life is a major plus.

Ready to find the best one for your shower routine? Here's my comprehensive roundup of the best shower speakers available on Amazon. Friendly warning: With such epic technology involved, it might be tough to leave the shower.

The Best Shower Speaker

The Polk Audio BOOM Bluetooth speaker is practically made for the bathroom. Its versatile design offers you the ability to loop it around anything you want (like the shower rod or head) or set it up on a flat surface (like the edge of your tub). What's more, this speaker comes with a suction cup attachment so you can easily unscrew the bendable end, add the suction cup, and stick it anywhere you want on your shower wall or glass door. And with an IPX7 rating, you don’t have to worry about your tunes stopping if it gets wet. It's shockproof and can be submerged in up to 3 feet of water for 30 minutes, making it great for long showers.

What fans say: "The suction cup does help with bass, but the weight of the speaker may be a little much for it. On a side note, the speaker survived a couple drops and is still flawless. I use the tail around the pipe for the shower head. Perfect spot in that it doesn't really get wet, and because it sits higher, fills the shower pretty well. More than loud enough to hear music and stuff while in the shower."

Most Affordable Bluetooth Speaker

The Soundbot Bluetooth shower speaker is budget-friendly and super easy to install. It has an IPX4 rating and a suction cup design — all you have to do is press to attach it to your shower wall. This speaker features large control buttons on the front for quick programming or settings adjustments. It offers up to six hours of continuous playtime and is compatible with most smartphones and Bluetooth-enabled devices. The best part? It has a built-in microphone for making hands-free calls (yes, in the shower). Get it in white (pictured), black, blue, green, pink, and yellow.

What fans say: "I use this speaker in my shower and placed it underneath the shower head and only use it for when I shower. It's been there for about a week now and the suction is good since it hasn't fallen. I've only charged it once since I got it last week and the battery hasn't died yet."

A Durable & Splurge-Worthy Speaker

The Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3 has an IPX67 rating — it can float for up to 30 minutes! — and 360-degree sound with powerful bass. Available in black, blue, and red, it features an impressive 20-hour battery life as well as a military-grade design, complete with an attached bungee loop that makes it particularly great for mounting on your shower head or rod. Its one-touch controls provide easy access to your favorite shower music, and if you plan on traveling with your new speaker, this one's compatible with other MEGABOOM accessories including a travel case and a charging dock.

What fans say: "The speaker has been wet, dropped on concrete and in water, and hasn't skipped a beat."

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