These Are The Three Purest Rosewater Sprays You Can Buy — And They Have SO Many Uses


Rosewater sprays are one of the most versatile skin care products on the market — you can use them to tone your skin, soothe irritation and redness, and of course, as a mid-day or mid-flight refresh. Still, you've got to be careful with which one you choose, because you don't want anything with unnecessary added ingredients (like alcohol or potentially toxic chemicals, which unfortunately, all too many formulas include). To make things easier, you'll find the three very best rosewater sprays outlined below; all are all-natural and totally pure, and the only one with an added ingredient contains vegetable-derived glycerin, a naturally-occurring humectant that's amazing for dry skin. None of these options include parabens, sulfates, or phthalates, and all are vegan, suitable for sensitive skin, and cruelty-free.

Aside from being refreshing and hydrating, rosewater boasts some other impressive benefits. It's anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and has a naturally low pH level, making it a great alternative to harsh toners that can dry out your skin. The soothing rose scent can even purportedly help reduce anxiety and promote better sleep (pro tip: spritz some on your pillow before hitting the sack). I love using it to prepare my skin for makeup application and to set it afterwards. (Second pro tip: for an even more refreshing sensation, keep a bottle in your fridge at all times.)

A Cult-Favorite Rosewater Spray With Moisturizing Glycerin

Though this rosewater spray is the only one on the list that contains an added ingredient, it's still one of the best formulas out there, since that ingredient is vegetable-derived glycerin, which is really good for your skin. As we mentioned earlier, glycerin is a naturally-occurring humectant, and not only is it super hydrating, but it also helps keep the skin's moisture levels balanced. In short: sometimes added ingredients can be a good thing.

Because of the combination of rosewater and glycerin, this is the best pick for dry skin — and while all of the products on this list will work well as a gentle toner, this formula's going to make your skin look the glowiest and feel the most moisturized.

A USDA-Certified Organic Spray Made Of Pure Moroccan Rosewater

If you're extra cautious with your skin care products and only like using formulas that are legitimately organic and assuredly non-toxic, you'll love Eve Hansen's rosewater spray. It's one of the few on the market that's certified-organic from the USDA, and it's made with all-natural, 100 percent pure Moroccan rosewater.

The brand also suggests using this spray in some other innovative ways, which you can of course apply to the other formulas. How about as an after-shave, to soothe those annoying red bumps? Or as a hair mist, to minimize frizz, nourish dry ends, and refresh sore, oily scalps?

Choose from two sizes: 4 ounces ($15) and 8 ounces ($21)

Another Great, Totally Pure Rosewater Spray — And This One Comes In A Small, TSA-Friendly Bottle

Another great choice for all skin types is this rosewater spray by Teddie Organics. This is one of the few options that comes in a plane-friendly bottle, which is great, because refreshing mid-flight spritzes are the best. Like the Eve Hansen option, this formula is made of 100 percent pure rosewater and literally nothing else. Another nice perk is that the brand offers a full refund (and you get to keep the bottle) if you're not happy with your purchase.

While Teddie Organics prides itself on using only "organic, natural skin care products", it's worth noting that this spray isn't USDA-certified organic, so that claim can't be guaranteed.

Choose from two sizes: 2 ounces ($11, travel) and 4 ounces ($17)

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