These Rain Boots Are Total Game Changers If You Have Wide Calves — & Here's Why

by Chelsey Hamilton
Amazon/Elite Daily

Finding rain boots that fit wide calves isn't always an easy task, but I'm here to tell you that it is possible. To help you out, I've compiled a list of the best rain boots for wide calves.

First, some background. Wide-calf boots, which are offered by many footwear brands, typically include boots with top openings that measure 16 inches or more in circumference. Some shoe companies even offer boots with top openings up to 24 inches, though these sizes are less common.

Even if a boot's opening isn't wider than 16 inches, there are other factors that could make it better suited for wider calves, like adjustable straps. And to avoid a potentially awkward fit entirely, short boots that hit just above the ankle (versus the mid-calf) are great alternatives, as they minimize any unwanted pressure on your legs.

Here, I've included a variety of cute rain boots that meet these guidelines. Keep reading to find your new go-to pair. I've included comfortable, flexible boots that are equal parts stylish and functional in wet weather. What's more, I've categorized these wide-calf boots by price, making this list super easy to skim for the best option within your personal budget.

The Best Rain Boots For Wide Calves With The Lowest Price Point

If you're looking for a basic rubber rain boot for wide calves, this pair of Miranda rain boots by Kamik is a great no-frills option with an affordable price point.

The fit: With a 16-inch top boot opening and wide sizing in the feet, these boots were specifically made to fit comfortably on wider calves. They're 12 inches tall, so they'll likely reach around the mid-calf on most people.

The material: Made entirely of lightweight rubber, these waterproof boots will protect your feet from rain or snow, keeping the inside of the shoes completely dry. The rubber material also provides strong traction on the outsoles to prevent slipping in wet conditions. Available in matte black or navy shades, they have removable EVA inserts in the footbeds for shock absorption and comfort.

  • Available sizes: 6 - 11
A Moderately-Priced Option

For a pair in the median price range, these from Jileon offer lots of customizable options in terms of fit and design. The brand specializes in shoes for wider calves, so they'll fit nicely — trust me.

The fit: The circumference of these boots measures 17 inches, but — thanks to two expandable gussets and one adjustable buckle on each shoe — they can stretch to 21 inches. Not only do they fit wide in the calves, but they're also roomy in the ankles. Note: Since this option was specially-designed for wider feet, it's only available in extra-wide shoe sizes.

The material: Made with durable, weather-tested rubber and cleated outsoles for extra grip, these waterproof boots will stand up against any type of weather. Their wide-set style and side gussets make them easy to slip on and off, plus they're available in a few different colors and patterns.

  • Available sizes: 6 - 11 (Extra Wide)
A Cult-Favorite Pair That's Worth The Splurge

Hunter's short rain boots are pricier than others on this list. However, you can trust that they're well worth the price tag, as this cult-favorite footwear brand is known for its quality and style.

The fit: These boots have a 15-inch circumference to start, but the adjustable buckle on the back means they can stretch out for a wider top opening. With a 10-inch height, they're shorter than other options on this list and, in turn, won't feel restrictive on your calves.

The material: These slip-on boots are made with a strong latex material that creates a waterproof outer shell to protect your feet from the elements. They feature durable rubber outsoles for optimal traction in wet weather, and the insides come equipped with slightly-cushioned footbeds. What's more, they're lined with a quick-drying nylon fabric for extra insulation. Available in seven color options including both matte and glossy finishes, they also come adorned with the signature Hunter logo.

  • Available sizes: 5 - 11

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