These Magnetic Car Mounts Will Make Using Your Maps App *So* Much Easier — & Safer

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Making hands-free calls, listening to your favorite playlist, or using your phone as a GPS — all while driving safely — is easy with the best magnetic car mount. These mounts feature tiny magnetic plates that adhere to your phone's case. Once attached to the base, you get a discreet and secure hold that can be quickly removed when you arrive at your destination. And unlike cradle mounts that grip your smartphone from the sides, you don’t have to worry about a bad fit.

There are only two things you need to consider when you're looking for the best car mount. The first is placement. Car mounts can be placed on your air vent, CD slot, dashboard, or windshield. In certain states, the use of windshield mounts has been banned, so definitely check your state law requirements before you buy one. It's also important to note that magnetic car mounts have been known to interfere with the wireless charging features in some newer phone models. (Look for protective films or additional magnet placement options to prevent this.)

To make selecting the perfect car mount easier, read on for a quick guide to the best magnetic car mounts available on Amazon.

The Overall Best Magnetic Car Mount

The Kenu Airbase magnetic car mount is a low-profile, multi-use mount with a sleek style. It attaches to the dashboard, windshield, or any smooth surface and comes with six neodymium magnets for a more secure grip. (If you're worried about interference with your wireless charge, simply attach your magnetic plate to the lower portion of your phone.)

Even better, this mount boasts a 360-pivot joint design that means you can use your phone in portrait or landscape mode. And when you don't want it in your car? It's super easy to detach.

What fans say: "My phone has not came loose in my truck like the past products I have tried. I have replaced several screens because of past products that failed."

The Best For Bigger Phones

The iOttie iTap 2 magnetic car mount is ideal for larger smartphones (like the iPhone XS Max and the Samsung Galaxy S9). This updated version of iOttie's original iTap mount securely fits into your car's CD slot with a damage-proof rubberized connector, giving you a clear view of your dashboard while still providing hands-free access to your phone's key features.

Like the Kenu option, above, it also has a 360-degree ball joint design for landscape and portrait views. The best part? This one comes with a protective film that'll prevent any interference with your wireless charging features.

What fans say: "I have a Galaxy S9+ and due to size considerations finding a good holding area in my car for the phone was difficult — especially if I want it to be accessible. For me the CD slot mounting has been perfect, because I don't have to block an AC vent (big deal in the desert southwest) or stick something to my dash. The other advantage off the CD slot mount is that I can move this between my two different cars without any trouble whatsoever."

An Even Cheaper Magnetic Car Mount That Still Works

WizGear's small magnetic mount is a powerful, inexpensive option with an under-$10 price point. This universal mount is strong enough to hold most smartphones and even small tablets.

Unlike others on this list, it's designed to fit directly (and discreetly) in your car's air vent. And if that sounds complicated, don't worry — it's actually super easy to install. All you have to do is insert the mount and attach your phone with the included magnetic plate.

What fans say: "This is the best, most stable car mount I've found; better than the kind with gripping brackets, or having to stick something to your dashboard, or the other vent mounts that kept falling out. The stiff foam prongs that insert into the vent won't bend or break the air vanes, will fit any model, and create a firm, secure mount for the magnet."

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