If You Have Oily Skin, Give One Of These Loose Powder Foundations A Try

If you're someone with oily skin, finding a foundation that works for you can be a lesson in patience. Most liquid formulas turn into a swampy mess by the end of the day — no matter how oil-free they are. Powder foundations, on the other hand, tend to work out better, since they sop up oil and mattify the skin. And if you're a fan of loose powder over pressed, then you're probably wondering what the best loose powder foundations on the market are.

Loose powder versus pressed powder really just comes down to a matter of preference. But loose powders do tend to be a bit better if you're someone who likes to have control over the amount of powder you're patting on. Since it's loose, you can pick up as much or as little as possible with your brush. Pressed powders, on the other hand, tend to deposit the same amount of powder every time you swipe your brush into the pan. Loose powders are also helpful for covering up blemishes and zits. Since you can pick up just a touch of powder at a time, you can easily pat it over any inflammation, concealing your pimple instantly.

Ready to check out the best loose powder foundations on the market? I've rounded up the top-rated, most well-reviewed options, below. They're perfect for whatever you're looking for — especially if that's flawless foundation.

The Best Loose Foundation Overall

If you're searching for a powder foundation that does it all, you'll love this Bella Pierre Mineral Foundation. It checks off all the boxes: It's non-comedogenic and oil-free, which makes it ideal for folks with oily skin, and it provides an SPF of 15, which is a huge plus. But that's not all. Bella Pierre is free of talc, additives, dyes, and synthetic preservatives, which makes it a safe option for sensitive skin types, too. And since it contains zinc oxide, which is known for controlling oil, your greasy skin will stay in check all day long.

Available shades: cinnamon, brown sugar, cafe, chocolate truffle, double cocoa, nutmeg, ultra

An Easy-to-Apply Option

Let's face it: One of the worst parts about loose powder foundation is how messy it can be. That powder gets everywhere, and if you don't have a small brush, applying it on-the-go is annoying as hell. That's why L'Oréal Paris True Match Mineral Makeup is a fan-favorite. It comes with the brush built in and deposits the perfect amount of powder with every single swipe. It also contains an SPF of 19, which offers solid protection from the sun's rays. And since it's free of talc, preservatives, and fragrances, it shouldn't irritate sensitive skin, either.

Available shades: classic beige, classic tan, creamy natural, light ivory, natural beige, natural buff, natural ivory, nude beige, soft ivory, soft sable, sun beige

Another Solid — & Cruelty-Free! — Choice

If you prefer a cruelty-free option for your makeup, then reach for YoungBlood Natural Mineral Loose Foundation. It's made without animal testing, so you can feel good about putting in on your skin — but that's not all that makes it so great. This foundation has a luminous finish, not a matte one, so you'll get some gorgeous, all-over shimmer. It's also lightweight and semi-sheer, making it perfect for folks who prefer a more natural look. If you prefer something with a little more coverage, then you'll likely want to reach for one of the other options, above.

Available shades: neutral, barely beige, coffee, cool beige, fawn, hazelnut, honey, ivory, mahogany, pearl, rose beige, soft beige, sunglow, tawnee, toffee, warm beige

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