Everything You Want To Know About Jade Rollers — & The Best Ones To Buy On Amazon

In the beauty industry, there's never a shortage of hyped-up "miracle" treatments and "It" ingredients that are quickly seen everywhere. And lately, the product that's all the rage is actually a tool: it's a jade roller. If you're interested in trying out the trend for yourself, you'll be pleased to know you can buy many of the best jade rollers on Amazon.

Proponents of jade-rolling swear that it's more than just a trend, and there's no denying that, at the very least, it feels amazing on skin. Though there don't appear to be any studies proving their long-term benefits, one study by the Tokyo Institute of Technology did find that face massaging tools do in fact increase blood flow. And as Elaine Huntzinger, L.Ac, Holistic Facial Acupuncturist (with whom Bustle spoke for this article) notes, they really can make for an effective addition to your skin-care routine.

"In traditional Chinese medicine, jade is the purveyor of beauty and serenity so it helps bring yin to the face," Huntzinger says. "In technical terms, it helps tighten the pores and move the lymph fluid downwards," she explains of how the gentle massaging motion increases circulation and stimulates lymphatic drainage to reduce swelling. "I don't think it can really sculpt or lift," she says of those common claims (though treating puffiness could certainly give the illusion of a more sculpted face). "As for clearing up acne," she adds of another common myth, "It may help by promoting the lymph to move downward, thus, aiding in clearing up cellular debris."

If you're new to facial-rolling, Huntzinger says that the rules are simple. Jade rollers can be used by all skin types at any time of the day. "I prefer it in the evening after you've done your nighttime skin routine," she says, as it helps to work products like serums deeper into the skin. "But if you woke up with a puffy face, a good roll could help you de-puff," she adds.

When you use your jade roller, Huntzinger says to always start at your neck and work the roller upwards. You may also notice that some jade rollers have a smaller roller at the opposite end. Huntzinger notes that this smaller side can be used around the eyes and lips, but that a single-sided roller will work just fine.

Huntzinger's favorite jade rollers include the Herbivore Facial Jade Roller and the rollers by Jade Roller Beauty. But overall, she says to pay attention to the stone itself and the quality of the hardware. "Stones possess energetic properties, so it's important to find a good source that uses stone that hasn't been altered," she explains. That said, because "real" jade costs thousands of dollars, most of the jade rollers you see on the beauty market are made of nephrite or jadeite, which are both less-expensive varieties of jade. (Super-cheap rollers might be made of serpentine, glass, or even marble.) While these materials still offer the benefits of boosted circulation and reduced puffiness, they don't promote the same energy as jade.

To try facial rolling out for yourself, scroll on for three of the best jade rollers you can buy on Amazon.

The Overall Best Jade Roller On Amazon

As mentioned, real jade costs thousands of dollars, and you'd be hard-pressed to find a facial roller made of real jade on the mainstream beauty market. For a more accessible alternative, this roller is made of Xiuyan jade, which is a variety of nephrite. It's hand-made in the Xiuyan region of China, and it's dual-sided: one end is textured for deep-kneading, while the other is smooth for a gentler massage. The manufacturer recommends using the the smooth side for general skin-soothing and de-puffing, and the studded end to encourage circulation, boost elasticity, and promote firmer, plumper skin.

The Best Quartz Roller

Another commonly used stone for facial-rolling is quartz, which works similarly to jade (and its varieties). The Beauty Bioscience Rose Quartz Roller is dual-sided: the smaller end is ideal for areas like under your eyes and around your mouth, while the larger side can be used on your neck and face. BeautyBio says that this roller is made out of pure, 100% quartz that's sustainably harvested in Brazil. To wash the tool, simply wipe it with a warm, damp washcloth after each use.

The Best Jade Roller & Gua Sha Set Under $20

If you care less about the authenticity of your stone and more about its skin-soothing and de-puffing benefits, the Roselyn Boutique Jade Roller has over 1,500 five-star reviews on Amazon. The set comes with both a jade roller and gua sha tool for under $20. As Huntzinger notes, "Gua Sha is great for sculpting and working on specific areas." Designed to be used before the roller, Huntzinger says the two tools make a great team, and she even them in her own practice. "Gua Sha requires a bit more technical prowess, but you can really move the lymph and de-puff with it." Though the brand claims that the duo is made from real natural jade, this is highly unlikely given its price tag. That said, the tools still make for an indulgent treat at the end of a long day or when you wake up looking puffy.

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Elaine Huntzinger, licensed acupuncturist, aesthetician, holistic medicine specialist, and certified gemologist.

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