Coffee Lovers, You Need One Of These Insulated Mugs To Tote Your Morning Joe

by Marisa Donnelly
Amazon/Elite Daily

When it comes to taking coffee on the go, your goal is to keep your coffee at your desired temperature and save money in the long run (farewell, $5 cappuccinos!). And that's just what the best insulated coffee mugs do.

The best travel coffee mug for you certainly depends on preference, but ideally, it'll have the basics... and more. A compact design, for instance, is great if you like to toss your mug in your bag or stow it in a cup holder. Built-in straws and handles also make handy — get it? — additions. However, what's really useful about insulated mugs is that they often feature leak-proof lids and sweat-resistant outer coatings to prevent messy condensation from happening while you're en route.

Real talk: No matter how you like your coffee — hot, iced, milky AF — you can bet that an insulated mug will seamlessly transport your morning ritual wherever. Keep reading to shop three top-notch options, or take your search even further and browse the best thermoses for coffee. Want even more coffee goodness? Find out why a July 2018 study claims that the delicious caffeinated beverage might just help you live longer. (As if you needed a reason to drink more.)

The Overall Best Insulated Coffee Mug Considering Price & Reviews

With almost 19,000 reviews on Amazon alone, this Contigo mug is definitely a user favorite.‌

Why it's great: This mug is long and sleek with a stainless steel body, a BPA-free plastic lid, and a vacuum-insulated interior. It has an auto-seal, dishwasher-safe lid that, with a click of the front-facing button, opens and locks back into place, preventing both leaks and spills. Like others on this list, it works for hot and cold liquids. Contigo guarantees heat retention for up to five hours and 12 hours for chill retention. It's about 8 inches tall and holds up 16 ounces. But if you're after something slightly bigger, 20- and 24-ounce options are also available. The best part? This one comes in 20 different colors including the pictured Deep Blue shade.

A Budget-Friendly Mug That Comes With Everything You Need — Including A Straw Cleaner

This tumbler by Atlin is another great option that I've personally used for years. (Hot tip: It's particularly great for iced coffee, in my opinion.)

Why it's great: The stainless steel, vacuum-sealed mug is slightly taller than the one above, boasting just four easy-to-clean parts: a tumbler, a lid, a lid cover, and a reusable straw. The straw is a sustainable alternative to single-use straws, and fear not — this unit comes with a straw cleaner to ensure you're able to clear out any grime. Its lid doesn't lock as securely as some of its counterparts (it will leak a bit if you turn it completely upside down); however, it fits in cup holders and has all the perks of similar brands at the lowest price.

An Extra-Large Mug With A Handle & Included Straw

If you're looking for an extra-large option, this Reduce stainless steel mug with a 50-ounce capacity is a great choice.

Why it's great: Of course, this one's a bit taller than the other two options on this list — to hold all 50 ounces of your go-to drink! — at nearly 11 inches. The downside to its stature and easy-carry handle is that, unlike its double-wall insulated counterparts, it won't fit into cup holders as easily. However, it does work for both hot and cold drinks, with the brand noting a 36-hour chill time. Its transparent, leak-proof lid works in multiple ways, thanks to its included straw (both of which are dishwasher safe and BPA-free). Get it in the pictured black color, a trendy mint shade, or even a traditional steel-colored look.

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