These Eyeliner Stamps Make Perfecting A Cat Eye Easier Than Ever

Nailing a liquid cat-eye is the great equalizer of the beauty world. No matter how skilled you are, creating a crisp line on your upper lid that turns into the perfect flick takes a bit of practice (and can even trip up a seasoned pro from time to time). Whether you struggle with using a less forgiving form of eyeliner, or your wings have a tendency to double in size as you try to even things out, using one of the best eyeliner stamps is a game-changing solution.

If you're new to the liner stamp game and you're concerned this is just another complicated makeup trick you'll have to learn, have no fear, these babies couldn't be easier to use. Most liner stamps contain two sides — one with your classic liquid liner pen and the other with your completed wing. While you'll want to check each brand's specific instructions first, in general, they work in two simple steps. First, you take the wing stamp side of the pen, line it up with the outer corner of your lash line and press down. Then, you use the pen side to carefully connect the wing to the rest of your lash line, working from the outer corner to the center of your lid (and thinning the line out as you get closer to the inner corner).

Once you get the basics down, you can use your stamp-pen combos to create more detailed designs, like floating eyeliner along your crease, open space wings, or even reverse cat-eyes along your lower lash line. The possibilities are endless, which is the perfect excuse for buying them all, right?

To help you easily achieve any liner look — from a classic cat-eye to a graphic neon creation — here are three of the best eyeliner stamps you can buy.

The Overall Best Eyeliner Stamp, According To Amazon

When you want to create a classic winged look, the Lovoir WingLiner Stamp gets rave reviews on Amazon — more than 3,000 five-star reviews if you want to get specific. The dual-sided pen includes a classic black liquid liner pen on one side and a wing stamp on the other, and you can choose from three sizes, depending on your preferred line thickness. Each set comes with two of these pens (one labeled for your left eye and one labeled for your right eye), and they're both waterproof and smudge-proof.

One reviewer commented, "It is by far the simplest/easiest way product that creates the PERFECT wing. The pen side itself also, it a REALLY nice eyeliner. The point is lovely, the liner itself goes on without any issue and stays ON. Blackest of black, seriously!"

Another customer, who explained that they take Brazilian jiu jitsu classes, wrote, "Wings with any other eyeliners bleed, fade, smear within hours. Not these bad boys. 90 minutes of wrestling with sweaty opponents and those wings are still intact? Yes, please! Yet somehow they come off effortlessly with a cotton pad and gentle eye makeup remover."

The Best Colored Eyeliner Stamps

Create the vibrant cat-eye of your dreams with the QIBEST eyeliner pen. No matter which color you choose, each waterproof pen includes an 8-millimeter-long stamp on one side and a traditional liquid liner on the other to connect your wing (you get a pen for each eye). The brand also offers their eyeliner stamps in a variety of sets: If you save the bright eyeliner looks for special occasions, choose a two-pack that pairs a bolder color, like pink or purple, with a classic black pen. Or, go all-out with one of the six-pack sets if you plan to switch up your look every day, which include colors like black, brown, emerald green, yellow, red, and blue, or orange, rose red, purple, dark green, pink, and violet.

What's more, these liner pens are waterproof, smudge-proof, and transfer-resistant, and the brand even offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you're not happy with your purchase — so what's the risk, really?

The Best Eyeliner Stamp Shapes

Once you've got your classic and your colorful cat-eyes down, you can add fun effects with this Pinkiou eyeliner stamp pen. One side features a traditional liquid liner (no winged stamp, so you'll have to work on mastering that flick yourself), and the other end has a stamp. All of the pens come in a true black color that's waterproof, but the tiny stamp shapes vary: choose from a heart, moon, star, and plum (which sure looks like a flower to me), or buy a set that includes all four. You can stick with one shape to accentuate your cat eye or create a cluster around your winged liner — or anywhere else you want to add a little something extra.

"These eyeliners/stamps are easy to use," one reviewer reported. "They create a clear, recognizable design. Great pigmentation, lasts a long time, but comes off easily with remover. Love these." Another fan wrote, "Bought this for the stamp, but the eyeliner itself is amazingly good. Stays on all day, no smearing."

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