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These Eyelash Combs Are The Key To Clump-Free, Wispy Lashes

by Masha Vapnitchnaia
Elite Daily/Amazon

You already know what a good lash curler can do, but book-ending your eye-makeup routine with a lash comb after you've applied mascara will help give you even more clump-free, fanned-out lashes. The best eyelash combs have metal teeth that help separate lashes and remove any mascara buildup, though a version with plastic teeth (or tines) will do just as well if you have metal allergies or prefer something more gentle. Given that lashes come in all sizes, the shape of the comb, as well as the length and spacing of the tines, will help determine which tool is best for you.

Lash combs with a traditional straight, blunt edge and closely spaced tines help get to the root of lashes and work best if your lashes are short or sparse. Though metal teeth will cut through mascara clumps better, they're also much sharper. If you have short lashes and are weary of having spikes so close to your eyes, a plastic comb with narrow teeth is a great alternative, though it may not be as precise.

Curved lash combs with longer tines that are spaced a bit further apart are often better for grooming long or thick lashes, as they minimize the chances of pulling out hairs and can get into the tricky inner corners in one pass. These combs are great for keeping false lashes neat, as well.

Whichever one you decide on, if you can find one that comes with a protective cap, it will not only help prevent the tines from getting bent, but can also serve as a safety measure so your fingers can avoid accidental pricks.

Below, you'll find a list of the best eyelash combs on Amazon — all for under $11!

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The Best Straight Eyelash Comb

More than 2,000 Amazon shoppers gave this Tweezerman eyelash comb a five-star rating because of its convenient, portable design, which makes it easy to flip open and closed, thus protecting your makeup bag from snags and your fingers from minor cuts. The teeth themselves are made from sturdy, gold-plated metal, which gives them great longevity. They're also super sharp, so they work really well at separating lashes and pulling out clumps. Just make sure to be extra careful and try to work closely in front of your mirror so you can see what you're doing!

One rave review: "I've always used eyelash combs to get rid of clumps, but this one is by far the best one I've ever used! Yes, the teeth are sharp, but that is what makes this comb superior to all the plastic tooth combs. I can't believe the quality given the price. Love it.”

The Best Curved Eyelash Comb

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The half-circle or C-shaped design of this eyelash comb makes it especially useful for reaching the lashes on the inner and outer corners of your eyes, thanks to its slightly curved shape. And the stainless steel tines make it especially suitable for combing through long — and even false — lashes. Like the pick above, this one is also very popular on Amazon, with more than 1,000 five-star reviews (and counting). The comb also comes with a plastic protective cap for safe storage.

One rave review: "Amazing!!!! I like the lashes very coated but very natural looking. This helps when you get that one dreaded clump and it ruins it all. Just swipe this through it and it’s perfect! Love this little thing."

The Best Plastic Lash Comb

If you have a metal sensitivity, or are just hesitant about sharp objects near your eyes in general, this traditional lash comb might be the best option for you. Its gentler, fine plastic teeth still do a decent job at un-clumping mascara, but may require a little more finagling and extra swipes on your part. That said, this pick is definitely worth it when you consider what other tools are built into the wand: a spoolie that can also help comb lashes (or define brows) and a flexible bristle brush to groom brows or blend in brow products.

One rave review: "I love the spoolie at the end and the brush in general is convenient to have both sides available for my lashes and brows. It's kind of like a 2 for 1."

You May Also Like: A Clever Lash Curler With A Built-In Comb

This genius, two-in-one tool combines a lash curler with a mini comb so you can lift and define lashes in one go. The curler has a spring-loaded mechanism that prevents you from crimping your lashes or pressing down too hard, and the plastic comb bristles work to separate lashes for an evenly fanned-out shape. Tip: Amazon reviewers recommended holding the curler at an angle to get the best effect, and the brand suggests making three passes, first at the base, then mid-lash, and finally, at the tips to get a great curl.

One rave review: "This product worked perfectly! Every time I use my old eyelash curler it would bend and twist my eyelashes. This eyelash curler however separates them and gives him a perfect curl. I love it and I won't be going back to the old style. It takes a little time to get used to the separator on the curler and getting it on your eye but once you do it's well worth it."