3 Epilators That Can Remove Unwanted Hair From Your Underarms

There’s no need to wax poetic: If you’ve ever used an electric epilator to remove hair at home, you know that this method isn’t for the faint-of-heart. But for people who can’t — or choose not to — shave, wax, or remove unwanted hair with creams or lasers, epilation is an effective and long-lasting alternative. When it comes to sensitive areas like underarms, the best epilators should, ideally, make the job as painless as possible. So what should you look for when deciding which is the best epilator for your underarms?

Before you assume that an epilator is just a bunch of tweezers rotating on a roller, there are a few things to consider. While longer hair is easier for the tweezers on your epilator to grab, it’s less painful to remove shorter hairs. Look for an epilator that can remove hair as short as 0.5 millimeter for minimal discomfort and less-noticeable regrowth between sessions.

Consider if you want to use your epilator dry or with water. Some people prefer to use their epilator in the shower or bath when skin is softer and follicles are more relaxed. Certain epilators have pivoting heads and come with other accessories. These bonus items come with a higher price tag, but depending on how sensitive your underarms are, may be worth it.

A quick scan of epilators on Amazon will turn back dozens of results, so to guide you in your search, here are the three best epilators for underarms.

The Overall Best Epilator For Underarms

At the top of the list is the Silk-épil 7 from Braun, which can be used dry or wet. Braun offers epilators at various price points, and while this isn’t their most high-end model, it comes with a few important features for ensuring the most comfortable epilating experience. Take Braun’s SensoSmart technology, for example. This sensor serves as a guide, letting you know if you’re using too much pressure so you epilate safely and effectively. It also has a light to illuminate hard-to-see hairs so you won’t need to make multiple passes over the same area. Programmed with two speeds, it’s recommended to start on the slower speed if you’re new to epilating, and work up as you get more comfortable. It also comes with seven accessories, including a shaver and trimmer cap for sensitive areas, a skin contact cap, a facial cap, a sensitive cap, and a carrying pouch.

What reviewers say: "I tried it on my underarms and it worked like a dream! I slowly went over the area in small sections. It took time, but the end result was perfection. It got every single hair under my arms. The skin is very smooth."

The Best Compact Epilator For Underarms

This compact corded epilator from Emjoi is a great option for those who only need an epilator for smaller areas like you underarms, face, or bikini line. At $45, it’s also more budget-friendly compared to cordless, rechargeable models. Plus, the constant power source means you’ll never have to worry about a low battery. The Emjoi isn’t waterproof, but can be used directly after exfoliation and showering. Despite its smaller size, the Emjoi has 60 tweezers and two speeds so you can customize to the area you’re epilating and your comfort level. It also comes with a special attachment for removing hair on sensitive areas, perfect for your underarms. The Emjoi can remove hairs as short as 0.3 millimeters, and claims to leave skin smooth for up to six weeks.

What reviewers say: “This little guy is the best! I mainly use it on my underarms and it works like a charm. They are almost completely smooth if I take my time (10-12 minutes total). And because it pulls the hair out, I no longer have a 5 o'clock shadow when the hair grows back.”

The Best For Epilator Ingrown Hairs

One of the best ways to prevent ingrown hairs from epilation (or really any kind of hair removal), is exfoliation. This epilator and skin care system from Braun comes with all the tools to prepare your skin for comfortable epilation, and to keep it soft between sessions in order to prevent annoying ingrown hairs. It's a bit pricier than the other Braun on this list, but it includes sonic gentle and deep exfoliating brush heads, and can convert into a shaver or trimmer. It also comes with a deep massage pad head to provide further comfort to your underarms as you epilate. The epilator head pivots to move over curvy areas, and is 40 perfect wider, meaning you won’t have to epilate the same area multiple times.

What reviewers say: “So far I’m pretty impressed! I’ve had it for a few weeks and I really wish I would have tried an epilator sooner! I thought I’d pass out the first time I used it under my underarms, but the second time was like nothing! I love not having to shave my pits every single day!”

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