This Kitchen Gadget Is The Key To Making Delicious Crepes At Home


Ever wonder how cafes and crepe shops make it look so easy to prepare perfectly golden, lacy crepes? It starts with the batter, but the real key is in the cooking surface — and practice! You’re likely familiar with the large crepe makers that commercial establishments use, but for home cooks, the best crepe makers are compact, easy to clean, and affordable. These handy gadgets vary in their functionality and performance, so here are a few things to keep in mind as you browse your options.

The very best crepe makers have an adjustable temperature dial, so you can control the heat and browning. Since crepe makers are essentially a round griddle, they can be used to make a range of recipes, including pancakes, dosas, blinis, or tortillas.

You can also find stovetop crepe pans where the temperature can be adjusted by using your stove’s controls. These tend to take up less space and are a good alternative to electric models. Certain crepe makers include accessories like spreaders and flippers, which are convenient and can help with the learning curve of perfecting crepe-making.

So if you’re ready to try your hand at creating this classic French dish at home, we've rounded-up the best crepe makers below.

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The Overall Best

Crepes traditionally measure around 8 inches in diameter, so the large 12-inch cooking surface of this crepe maker from CucinaPro provides room for error, or the opportunity to make your crepes slightly larger if you like. The nonstick aluminum surface is easy to clean and also has a rim around its edge to contain excess batter. You can choose between five temperature settings by using the sliding control, and the CucinaPro also has an on/off switch and ready light to let you know when the plate is hot. The crepe maker has rubber feet for stability, and while it doesn’t come with a spatula or batter cup, it includes a batter spreader and recipes for basic crepe batter, mushroom crepes, and blueberry blintzes.

The Best Crepe Pan

If you want to take a more traditional approach to crepe-making (or have limited counter space), this crepe pan from Cuisinart is easy to store and works on any stovetop other than induction. The pan’s 10-inch diameter and tapered rim allow you to pour and swirl batter to make uniform crepes on the nonstick Quantanium surface. The versatile design is ideal for making pancakes, grilled sandwiches, and other recipes that need flipping, since the edge isn’t as high as traditional nonstick frying pans. Since the heat is controlled by your stove, it can take some practice to dial-in on the right temperature, as well as to spread and flip the crepes. The Cuisinart doesn’t include any accessories, but a flexible silicone spatula is a helpful tool if you have one.

The Best Value: A Crepe-Maker Kit & Cookbook For $40

This crepe maker from G&M Kitchen Essentials is the best value for first-time crepe-makers or seasoned pros who want the convenience of making crepes at home. Though the machine itself is relatively basic in its design, it comes with a wooden batter spreader, spatula, and cookbook with 100 recipes for making crepes, pancakes, tortillas, and blintzes. The crepe maker’s power and heat are both controlled by a simple turn dial, and an indicator light lets you know when the plate has reached your desired cooking temperature. The 12-inch surface is generous enough to make a wide range of griddle recipes, and the raised edge contains any spills, making cleanup easy and quick.