Your Toilet Will Practically Clean Itself With These Automatic Bowl Cleaners

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Cleaning the toilet isn't the most glamorous chore, but if you have one of the best automatic toilet bowl cleaners to use, it can be a little more manageable — and a lot less disgusting.

There are a few different types of automatic cleaners out there including ones that attach to the water tank. However, because not everyone has a water tank to speak of (including me, a tenant in older apartment building with commercial-grade toilets), today I'm focusing on the kinds that attach to the toilet bowl itself. These are better, in my opinion, regardless of my no-tank bias, as they're easier to change and maintain. That's a huge bonus should you unfortunately hate the way one smells.

Most mainstream cleaning brands in the United States have an automatic toilet cleaner on the market, and I've gone ahead and rounded up the three I think I worth the try. Some dangle over the toilet bowl with the help of a small piece of plastic, but my personal favorite is a gel "stamp." The great thing about these magical little helpers is that they're all fairly affordable and come in multi-packs that make them an even better value. Curious? Read on to freshen up your bathroom cleaning routine.

My Favorite Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner With 1,000+ Reviews

I've recently gotten super into cleaning, and after seeing a popular cleaning Instagram account use this gel "stamp" formula from Scrubbing Bubbles, I knew I had to try it. I can confirm: It's fun to use and smells great, too, thanks to the Glade Rainshower scent. This pack, which has a four-star rating and more than 1,000 reviews on Amazon, comes with two applicators and two gel sticks. Each gel stick produces six no-residue stamps that last up to 12 days. (I change mine out every week when I deep clean the bowl.)

To apply them, you just press the applicator against the toilet bowl (where is totally up to you), push the button down, and glide the stick over to the next button. When you pull the applicator back, you're left with a satisfying little gel disc that'll fill your bathroom with a clean scent every time you flush.

A Value Pack Of Clip-On Toilet Bowl Cleaners

Moving away from gel stamps, this eight-pack of Lysol Ocean Fresh automatic toilet bowl cleaners similarly freshens up the bathroom, but it hangs over the toilet bowl to do so. This style is great, because when it's time to clean the bowl, you can move the unit aside, scrub, and re-attach it. Reviewers (there are more than 200!) say they last up to three weeks before they need to be swapped out. Note: If you're looking for an antimicrobial cleaner that also turns your toilet water blue, this isn't it. The water will stay clear.

When you're ready to apply one, open up the hook and secure it to the toilet rim, ideally in an area where the water will hit it well with each flush.

A Two-Pack Of Toilet Bowl Cleaners That Last Even Longer

Boasting the same clip-on style as the Lysol option, above, this two-pack of Soft Scrub's 4-In-1 Toilet Care will keep your toilet clean and ring-free for up to eight weeks (four weeks per unit). They've got a four-star rating on Amazon for their effectiveness, with one reviewer raving: "Darn if these things don't work great. I live alone so the toilet doesn't get as much use as a family of four would, but so far this is definitely keeping the bowl a lot cleaner."

To use, drape them over the toilet bowl, near the water flow, and wait for a Sapphire Waters scent to fill the air. Not super into crisp water fragrances? These are also available in lemon and lavender and won't turn your toilet water into a different color, either.

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