Love DIY Facials? This Is The 1 Thing You Need To Take At-Home Spa Days To The Next Level

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One of the best ways to give yourself a pro-level facial at home is to start by steaming your face. And luckily, thanks to all the facial steaming devices that have popped up over the past couple of years, you no longer need to lean over a pot of boiling water to get the job done. When shopping for the best at-home facial steamers, look for one that says it's nano ionic, which basically means that it emits a mist made up of teeny tiny, ultra fine particles, so the steam will be better able to penetrate your skin. Also, you'll want one with a tank that runs continuously for at least 10 minutes, just for the sake of practicality.

The following facial steamers are pretty straightforward to use, but here are a few tips, anyway. First, it's important to keep your face far away enough from the steamer to avoid being burned (about 8 to 12 inches). Each machine will provide its own specifications, so do read the instructions, but it's best to start further away to see how the steam feels on your skin, then slowly move closer. Secondly, always use your steamer on freshly cleansed skin, then apply your hydrating products immediately afterwards to lock in moisture.

Got all that? Then scroll on to shop three of the best facial steamers, plus one clever product for a soothing, old-school steam.

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The Overall Best Facial Steamer

This steamer from Okachi heats up within 30 seconds, provides up to 15 minutes of nano-ionic steam, and couldn't be any easier to use. When the water in the 80-milliliter tank runs out, the machine will automatically shut itself off, and handily, there's an HD mirror attached inside. The machine also has a UV lamp to sterilize the steam, but do note that, like with any facial steamer, you should only use purified or distilled water when steaming your skin.

"I purchased this steamer for a couple of reasons. First, I really liked the small footprint and beautiful design features. When I received this item I was not disappointed as this is one slick steamer [...] That means it can be left out and most likely used more often [...] For a compact machine, this baby packs a wallop. The steam is tight, fine, and steady. No spewing or bursts like some other steamers I have owned. Just perfect. I used distilled water as advised, however, you really do not need much since this is designed for efficiency," commented one reviewer.

Runner Up: The Amazon Reviewer-Favorite

A number-one best-seller on Amazon, this Pure Daily Care NanoSteamer has over 2,000 perfect five-star reviews (and counting) thus far. It has an extra-large, 200- milliliter tank for up to 30 minutes of steaming, so you can also use it as a humidifier in small rooms. The device also comes with its own towel warming chamber, as well as a five-piece blackhead extractor kit — but please, do not pick at your skin with these unless you really know what you're doing. And again, to keep this machine in good working order, only fill it with distilled water.

"This little machine is such a treat. It steams quickly and the steam is thin just like when you’re in a salon to get a real facial," commented one reviewer. Another wrote, "My favorite feature is the hot towel compartment. The hot towel feels amazing and is ready to use in minutes!"

The Best Portable Facial Steamer

For an on-the-go steaming option, this UrChoice Nano Facial Mister is a great $15 buy. Unlike the other two devices that heat up water, this is a cool mist steamer (though it's still nano-ionic), so it's better for giving your skin a quick refresh rather than treating your face to a full-on steam. Even more handily, it's USB-rechargeable; You'll be able to use it at least 50 times before it needs to be charged again. Other highlights include an auto-off function, a color-changing light display that alerts you to when it needs to be charged, and a removable, 30-milliliter tank that's easy to clean.

One customer raved, "At first glance, I would’ve never expected for this facial mister to be THAT great, but it’s so practical [...] and it’s small and compact enough to use for traveling. The little compartment to hold water is simple to find and easy to fill. There’s no wait time either in between when you put the water in until you can use it."

Another reviewer wrote, "This is great for staying hydrated in the cold, dry winter months, and also a great way to stay cool in the hot summer months. It's a much finer mist than you might expect, and I feel that this is the most attractively-designed option for the nano-misters available on Amazon right now."

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For a more old-school, at-home steaming option, you can fill a big bowl with hot water, add a small amount of this Teami Facial Steam Loose Tea, place a towel over your head, and hover over the bowl. It's an easy and effective way to give your skin a refreshing steam, no devices required. Plus, this eucalyptus and lemon balm tea might even be able to help relieve congestion if you're sick!

"Smells great! Relieves cold and stuffy nose because of the minty tea leaves," wrote one reviewer. "Made my kitchen smell like an herb garden or spa," commented another.