The '13 Reasons Why' Season 4 trailer is all about Monty.

The '13 Reasons Why' Season 4 Trailer Will Shake You To Your Core

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If you thought the 13 Reasons Why kids had it bad before, the final season's full trailer teases what looks to be the show's most twisted and stressful run of episodes yet. Filled with murder investigations and trippy hallucinations, the clip makes it clear the teen drama will be going out with what looks to be its darkest season. Even just two minutes of the 13 Reasons Why Season 4 trailer will seriously freak fans out.

The moody new trailer reveals the central conflict of Season 4: Monty's false arrest for Bryce's murder. At the end of Season 3, the Liberty High students worked together to fabricate a story pinning Bryce's murder on Monty in order to protect the real killer, Alex. Since Monty had been arrested and murdered in jail already, he would not be able to defend himself with the truth... but the Season 4 trailer shows there are people willing to fight for him. At least one of those people is Winston, the prep school kid who Monty had begun hooking up with shortly before his death. Winston is the one person who knows for a fact Monty did not kill Bryce, because they were sleeping together the night of Bryce's death. The trailer shows Winston coming after Clay, Justin, Alex, and the rest of the people who framed Monty.

The trailer also hints at another major development threatening the group. At the end of Season 3, the assault rifles Tyler, Clay, and Tony hid in the river after Tyler's shooting attempt were found, and the Season 4 trailer shows the police investigating those guns while Tyler nervously says he thought "this was all over."

The other notable thing about this trailer is that it's filled with trippy, hallucinogenic moments. The shots of Clay disintegrating, and then being locked up in jail, seem to be figments of his imagination, as do the flashes of Monty and Bryce. It looks like the final season of 13 Reasons Why is going to get super psychological, so get ready for a mind-bending experience when it premieres on Netflix on Friday, June 5.

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