An Inflatable Recliner With 4,000 Glowing Reviews & 10 More Of The Best Pool Floats For Adults

by Cliché Wynter

Summer is all about lounging and soaking up as much carefree energy as you can. And if you’re looking to really maximize those good vibrations, check out the best pool floats for adults that'll help you unwind while making a style statement that's worthy of a photo op.

Fun and relaxation are key when it comes to shopping for the best pool floats. If you’re attending a themed party, or just like to be cheeky on the water, go all out with a fun novelty float like a giant unicorn that's big enough for two people, or an oversize bottle of rosé wine. Celebrating a bachelorette party? A diamond ring inflatable kicks the festivities off while setting the tone for the bride-to-be.

And if you're just looking to simply lounge in the sun with an iced beverage, a traditional, low-key water recliner with cup holders and a backrest will provide the comfort and stability needed for hours of gliding on the surface of the water.

Keep in mind: Most of the floats on this list require an air pump or hair dryer to blow up, which you'll have to purchase separately, but I've pointed out a few that come with a pump included or don't require inflation at all. Whether you’re heading to a backyard get-together or spending a lazy day in the pool, I’ve rounded up a list of the best pool floats for adults that run the gamut from ridiculously fun to downright comfy.

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A Unicorn Float That's Big Enough For 2

Summon some magic with this giant pool float that measures 114 by 54 by 47 inches when fully inflated, making it large enough to stretch out on for hours. The thick and durable unicorn float can hold two adults, and has valves that allow for fast inflation and deflation. Whip out a hair dryer or pool float pump and you’ll be relaxing on the water in no time.

Rave review: “This floaty is huge! It’s big enough for an adult to lie on and not even touch the water. It doesn’t have a hole in the middle so it’s super comfortable.”

The Most Comfortable Floating Lounger

If you’re looking for some good old-fashioned relaxation, there’s nothing better than this inflatable recliner. Contoured to prop up your knees, the recliner measures 71 by 53 inches and is designed with two air chambers, two cup holders, and back and armrests that provide additional support.

Rave review: “Amazing floating recliner. Bought so I can read in the pool and it is brilliant for that purpose.”

The Best (& Prettiest) Inner Tube Float

A spin on the classic inner tube, this cheap pool float with confetti inside is as pretty as a picture. Measuring 36 inches across, it's easy to deflate and store in the off-season and is super affordable to boot. And while you can use an air pump to blow this up, it's compact enough to use your mouth too.

Rave review: “Super cute floaty perfect for all sizes. Loved the glitter on the inside."

This 2-Pack Of Versatile Pool Hammocks

If you're swimming with a buddy, check out this two-pack of pool hammocks that keep your knees and head above water while drenching your mid-section with cool water. And they're versatile: You can also sit in the middle the hammock and let the two floaties hold you up from each side. The hammocks measure 51 by 26 inches each and comes with a hand pump to inflate the bolsters and pillows.

Rave review: "I was very surprised how well this held me up in the lake! Very comfortable. Either position, laying back with one float under the knees, or sitting down in between the two floats keeps me high enough out of the water to enjoy a beverage. I came back to order a couple more. They dry out quickly and take very little room to store."

The Most Delicioious Avocado Float

Take your love for all things avocado to new heights with this inflatable float that comes with a "pit" ball for double the fun. Measuring 65 by 49 inches, it’s ideal for any adult in a committed relationship with avocado toast.

Rave review: “This is by far the most popular float in our pool thus far! It is a decent size so it will hold a full adult. It was easy to inflate thanks to the multiple option/large inflate tube that other floats don’t have!”

A Durable Foam Pool Float That'll Last For Years

This foam pool mattress is the most expensive option on the list, but it doesn't require inflation and is super durable, so it'll last for many summers to come. The 70-by-25-inch float is made with an inch and a half of buoyant foam and features a rippled surface and roll pillow for neck support. Choose from yellow, marine blue, and flamingo pink.

Rave review: "Lets you sink a bit to stay cool, and let's you float with ease. The only problem is trying to stay away!!!!"

The Most Refreshing Rosé Float

It’s rosé all day with this inflatable pool float that looks like a giant bottle of your favorite summertime drink. Measuring 94 by 28 inches, this beauty features a pink bottom and clear top to give the appearance of glass, and is designed with a cup holder that stores your real-life rosé for convenient sipping.

Rave review: “This was much larger than I expected it to be, and is very durable. My friend loved it in the pool at her bachelorette party. The top even has a little bulge for a head rest and there's a cup holder. GREAT PURCHASE!”

A Floating Chair That's Super Supportive

If you want to stay wet but get lots of support, this floating chair will definitely do the trick. Measuring 42 by 38 inches, the chair submerges you in water while the inflatable armrests keep you afloat, and the backrest keeps you supported. Plus, it's got an adjustable strap, so you can sit upright, recline, and adjust for body size.

Rave review: “I love these chairs. They are the favorite go to floats of family and friends. So comfortable and relaxing. I have owned every expensive pool lounger/chair out there and this is my all time favorite."

A Luscious Flower Float

Channel the vibe of Hawaii from the comfort of your pool with this flower float. The hibiscus flower measures 70 by 58 inches and makes for perfect sunbathing for one. Plus, it features a built-in cup holder — I recommend pairing it with a mai tai.

Rave review: “Absolutely adorable! It holds air well and is exactly as pictured! I love that it has a drink holder! I always get compliments on this! I am 5' and it fits me perfectly! Highly recommend!”

A Float With Angel Wings

Embrace your inner angel with this colorful wings float. The multicolor inflatable is about 75 by 63 inches, but it's shorter in the middle, so you can dangle your feet in the water while you glide across the surface.

Rave review: "Just moved to an apartment with a pool and even though it' s a little too cold we still went swimming. Absolutely obsessed with this float."

The Best For A Bachelorette

Win bridesmaid of the year and bring this diamond ring float along to the bachelorette party. It measures 61 by 42 inches when fully inflated, and features a matte gold finish and diamond that doubles as a pillow.

Rave review: “This ‘engagement ring’ pool raft was a perfect addition for the Engagement Luncheon/Pool Party that we hosted! Additionally it seems to be a nice quality raft in general.”

Good To Have: A Hand Pump For Inflation

To save your breath and get in the pool faster, you may want to purchase a manual hand pump that can blow up your pool float easily — no outlet needed. This universal pump comes with four adapters to fit valves of differing sizes, and makes quick work of inflating.

Rave review: "This pump is awesome! I have several large inflatable snow tubes and pool floats that previously took nearly an hour to fully inflate with a standard hand or foot pump. The GoFloats Rapid Inflation Manual pump works FAST! It took me no more than 5 minutes to inflate a giant unicorn float using this pump."