These New Too Faced Launches Are All You Need For The Ultimate Glow-Up

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Do I have drawers full of perfectly good, ready-to-use makeup? Yuh. Am I still mere seconds away from filling my cart with tons of new beauty products because I'm a sucker for shiny, new toys? Also yuh. Although 2020 as a whole hasn't exactly been kind to the world, it's still brought with it a bunch of new makeup products, particularly from Too Faced.

In the first half of 2020 alone, Too Faced has introduced several exciting new launches to the market, all of which are likely making the rounds on your Instagram feed via the beauty industry's biggest faces. Since its conception, the brand has had many a drop go viral, from kitsch-y, glittery eyeshadow palettes to the impressively full-coverage Born This Way foundation, with an equally impressive shade range. Now, the newness keeps hitting in the form of primers, eyeshadows, highlighters and more, so you can serve endless ~lewks~, whether you're heading out or just admiring yourself in the mirror at home. (Come on, try it, it's fun!)

Below are some of the most exciting new makeup picks to hit Too Faced's virtual shelves in 2020. Start going through your current beauty shelves and make room for some new favorites:

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This liquid eyeshadow formula comes in eight nude, pink, and purple-ish shades and dries down to an airbrushed, matte finish. Not to mention, it'll stay put for up to 24 hours. You can't help but stan non-moving pigment on long, hot summer days.

There are few things more annoying than doing a full face of makeup, only for it to slide ride off in the heat or sink deep into your pores. Infused with good-for-your-skin ingredients like hyaluronic acid, a gentle retinol, and vitamins C and E, this primer serves as an effective base for your makeup by reducing shine, the appearance of your pores, and any uneven texture.

Oily skin? Thank u, next!!!! If you're finding your skin is a little ~extra oily~, particularly given the really cute, humid summer air, this powder primer can help. While reducing the appearance of pores and creating a smooth base for makeup application like any other primer, the translucent powder works hard to absorb any excess oil in the process.

OK, so Too Faced's Melted Matte Lipsticks aren't necessarily new, but the brand has introduced some brand-new shades in 2020 — 13, to be exact. The new hues span the lippie spectrum, from pinky nudes to deeper browns and a bright red. And because this is the classic formula you know and love, you can expect this matte lipstick to stay put alllllll day and then some.

Sure, you can lie out in the sun for hours on end to achieve a true summer glow, but that's not exactly the best course of action for your skin. Get that same glow with Too Faced's Diamond Fire Bronzer, infused with real crushed diamond powder. You get the same definition and ~color~, with even more glow.

Just because it's almost time to shed layers of clothes, doesn't mean we can shed dark circles, spots, or other blemishes just as easily. This is where Too Faced's Peach Perfect Concealer comes in. The full-coverage formula is long-wearing, so once you set it, you can forget about it the rest of the day. Even better, it's non-comedogenic, so you won't be setting yourself up for more blemishes in the process.

If you're gonna put the concealer on, you're gonna have to do it right. The tapered, soft, dense bristles on this Mr. Cover Up Brush are designed to fit in the spaces under your eyes juuuuuuust right, all while spreading and setting product in a way that ensures even coverage with no harsh tugging or irritation.

Name a cuter effing bronzer. I'll wait. Modeled after the Too Faced founders' adorable dog Clover, this silk bronzer boasts a gorgeous, skin-like finish, thanks to the combination of natural tones. You'll be bronzed and ready for the dog days of summer, quite literally.

Personally, I feel as though the first half of the year brings with it tons of vibrant, colorful summer launches. But what about the nude-loving girls? If that's you, you're in for a treat this year. Too Faced's Born This Way The Natural Nudes palette is chock-full of 16 deliciously warm, shimmering (and matte!) nude shades that, together, give you everything you need to craft the most striking, dimensional nude eye look.

To quote this viral makeup-related TikTok audio: "Have you seen a girl glow in the sun?! Bro, it's f*cking gorgeous!" This man was not wrong! It is freaking gorgeous! Coming in four different shade ranges for light, medium, tan, and deep skin tones, this three-pan highlighter palette will give you that summery glow so bright, no matter where you turn your face, onlookers will be promptly blinded.

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