These Are The Best Makeup Mirrors On Amazon, According To Thousands Of Glowing Reviews


If you're a collector of beauty products, an advocate of multistep skin-care routines, or just someone who is looking for a way to streamline your makeup application process, there's a good chance you could use one of the best makeup mirrors to complement your grooming needs.

A good makeup mirror will make the most of your space, whether it's a countertop, your wall, or even a desk drawer. It can also have cool features like lighting, magnification, and provide storage to help you get ready quickly, comfortably, and confidently. If you're starting your day in a room without windows or with poor lighting, you'll love the difference an LED-lit mirror can make. Most have adjustable brightness levels and are battery-powered, giving you the flexibility of not being tied to a wall outlet. A majority of the picks below also include magnification options for those times when you need precision (like with winged eyeliner). A tri-fold option lets you see multiple angles and, in addition to makeup application, is great for checking out a hairstyle from the sides. There's even a high-tech one that turns on automatically as soon as it senses your face in front of it.

Whatever your personal needs are when it comes to your beauty ritual, one of the following best makeup mirrors is bound to catch your eye.

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The Overall Best Makeup Mirror

If you're looking for a mirror that will give you great features at a fantastic price, look no further than this tri-fold model. The center panel measures an ample 10-inches tall and has 38 vibrant LED lights surrounding it. With a press on the power button, you can cycle through three brightness settings. There are also four handy magnification options: 2x and 5x on the left panel, 1x on the right, and 10x via a detachable compact mirror.

The sturdy, nonslip base will keep it upright no matter how you angle it — it can rotate up, down, or even sideways. Though the storage tray at the base is minimal, it's a nice place to keep things like tweezers, bobby pins, and lip balms. The mirror is available in four sweet colors and can be powered through a USB cord (included) or wirelessly via four AAA batteries (not included).

Glowing review: "I have tried multiple mirrors specifically for daily makeup & skincare routine in my life and this is by far the best of all. HD Mirror so I can see everything clearly with different zooms so it's very easy to see those details on my face (such as eye make up). The lights are bright but not harsh to the eyes and they are very adjustable so I love it so much!! Thinking getting extra ones for my girl friends!"

The Runner-Up: A Lit Single Magnification Mirror

For those times when you need to get up close and personal with your mirror, you'll be happy you had this wireless option available. It measures 6.7 inches, has three light settings, and features 10x magnification with "fantastic clarity," according to one user. The base doubles as a suction cup, letting you lock it into place on a countertop or a flat, clean surface like a window or another mirror. With more nearly 1,000 five-star reviews, it's a popular choice with precision-loving beauty aficionados. Note: It's powered by three AAA batteries, which are not included.

Glowing review: "This mirror is fantastic. I have it mounted on the larger mirror in my bathroom and has never slipped or lost suction. The first time I used it, I was stunned at how much I saw and not always in a good way! I don’t know why I didn’t buy this sooner. It’s a great product."

The Best Oversize LED Makeup Mirror

This makeup mirror's extra-large, 12-inch tall panel is illuminated by 88 LED lights and has warm, cool, and neutral light settings as well as the ability to adjustable brightness. It can be rotated vertically or horizontally and comes with a smaller detachable 10x-magnification round mirror. It's available in white, black, and rose gold, and like the first pick, has a small storage slot on its base. It can be powered with four AA batteries (not included) or plugged in via a USB cable.

Glowing review: "This mirror is amazing! It’s huge and the 10x mirror has great suction too. You can turn it side ways. The lights are bright and are dimmable which is a plus! The mirror is very sturdy and it’s got a little tray at the foot which is nice, I can put small items there. Totally recommend this product!"

The Best Mounted Mirror

A good choice if you've got limited counter space, this 8-inch wall-mount mirror can extend off the wall up to 23 inches and has a 360-degree swivel design. Though it doesn't have any lighted features, the mirror has two sides, including one with 7x magnification. Though wall anchors are included in the box, several Amazon users recommend trying to install it into a stud for even more security.

Glowing review: "I can't believe this mirror is so inexpensive due to the high quality. It seems so sturdy and well made for the price. I love how far it extends, and that the arm and mirror move so that I can use it all around my sink. I think this might be my favorite Amazon purchase this year (and I spend too much here). I love this mirror!"

A Large Vintage-Inspired Lighted Mirror

You'll get some great contemporary features with this vintage-inspired vanity mirror. The 12-inch tall mirror is mounted on a metal frame and flanked by nine large LED bulbs. To turn it on, plug in the included 60-inch cord into a nearby outlet. Then press on the sensor panel to adjust colors (daylight, cool white, or warm yellow) and brightness. A clever "memory mode" button lets you return to the same setting as you left it last. You can get this model in black (pictured) or white. As a bonus, this pick also comes with an additional smaller 10x magnification mirror.

Glowing review: "I could not find a Hollywood looking mirror like this that wasn’t hundreds of dollars. I have also tried at least 10 makeup vanity mirrors in my time (yes, I know how ridiculous that is) and this one is BY FAR the best!! It’s so cute, extremely bright, has different settings, and I love how it plugs in so you don’t have to change batteries and it lasts longer."

A Travel-Friendly Mirror That Comes With A Case

When you find yourself in a hotel room or Airbnb without a decent mirror option, you'll be happy you have this lightweight, foldable travel mirror with you. It's doesn't come with a light or any magnification options, but it's slim enough to throw in a suitcase or weekender bag, and it comes with a protective leather case that also functions as a handy stand. The mirror itself is an ample 10-inches tall, letting you see your whole face, without distortion. Note this pick doesn't come

Glowing review: " I love this mirror! The neat way it folds up makes it so easy to store or travel with and it's so well made I never worry about the mirror breaking even on long trips on my husband's bouncy 18 wheeler."

A Bamboo Mirror That’s Elegant & High Quality

This minimalist 7.2-inch tall makeup mirror has a sleek bamboo base and two sides (with 1x and 3x magnification). There is no light, but it has 360-degree rotation so you can go between the two sides and adjust the angle as you're glamming up.

Glowing review: "Great mirror for the price- compact , lightweight and modern looking. Very happy with this purchase- highly recommend."

The Best LED Mirror With Lots Of Built-In Storage

This 9-inch makeup mirror has a sturdy base that doubles as an organizer with five deeper compartments for some of your most used beauty tools and products. `The mirror is lit with 16 dimmable LED lights and can be tilted sideways. You'll also find a tab behind the frame that slides in and out to reveal a mini mirror with 10x magnification. Power on this model with the included USB cable or or 4 AA batteries (not included).

Glowing review: "LOVE LOVE LOVE this mirror. Its big and shows everything. If you want to see what you REALLY look like this is your mirror. Also it has a 10X for plucking your brows or stray hairs y'all know what I'm saying. It has a place for my brushes or makeup you use daily. It also can run of batteries or plug in. Yeah this one's a keeper for me."

The Best Investment: A Smart Mirror That Lights Up As Soon As You're In Front Of It

This 8-inch round mirror is the priciest one on this list, but with many Amazon users raving about its unbelievable clarity and intuitive features, it's a worthy investment. Brightness levels can be controlled via a touch-enabled panel, and to turn it on, it's even more intuitive — the mirror lights up as soon as it senses your face in front of it.

It's also built with Simplehuman's Tru-Lux LED light technology, which replicates natural sunlight and provides an ultra-clear reflection — so much so that you'll be able to see the smallest areas where your foundation needs more blending. This is the only LED mirror on this list with a fully rechargeable battery (USB cable included), and it can operate wirelessly for up to five weeks on one charge.

The frame and the base are both adjustable, and it's available in a handful of coated-stainless steel colors. One thing to keep in mind is that this model is one-sided and only comes with 5x magnification, so it may take some getting used to seeing that level of detail for your everyday routine.

Glowing review: "This pricey mirror is well worth it if it falls within your budget. One of the first things I noticed was the sensor light which comes on when your sit in front of it. The light and magnification is amazing. When you first sit down you realize you don't look that good. :) Applying makeup, tweezing, eyebrows, eyeliner - all goes on meticulously when using this mirror. Highly recommend."

The Best Compact Mirror For Touch-Ups On The Go

At less than 1-inch thick when closed, this compact mirror is the perfect tool to slip into a makeup bag. The two-sided 3.5-inch mirror is framed by 10 LED light bulbs on one side and has a 10x magnification mirror on the other. It's powered by two CR2032 button batteries (which are included) and an on-off switch. Get it in pink or black.

Glowing review: "This mirror is compact and is a great size for fitting in my purse. It isn’t huge, but large enough for touch ups. The light is handy for working in the dark or dimmer lighting. The 10x magnification is just right for tweezing brows or doing other detail work. It’s simple and just what I needed."