Your Travel Pics Can Be Used For A Great Cause On Giving Tuesday

Lovelle Drachman once said, "Blessed are the curious, for they will have adventures." Why not channel that mentality this holiday season? After all, it's not only the perfect time of year to explore new places, but to give back as well. Thanks to the #ThankfulForTravel Giving Tuesday campaign, you have the option to see the world and make a difference in it.

For the first time, STA Travel, a student and youth travel operator, has teamed up with Teen Cancer America's #ThankfulForTravel promotion to help raise $1 million for the organization. It's the perfect way to make a difference this time of year. The organizations' plan is fairly simple and plays to youngsters' favorite thing: Instagram.

On your way to a vacation? Awesome — share the update with your Instagram followers with the hashtag #ThankfulForTravel and by tagging @STATravel. Beginning Thanksgiving weekend and ending on Giving Tuesday, STA Travel is donating $5 to the organization for every picture that's shared on social media with those two requirements. Easy peasy, right?

"STA Travel is thankful for travel every day of the year, but wanted to really emphasize it during the season of giving thanks and giving back," Tiffany Harrison, marketing manager at STA Travel, tells Elite Daily. "We’re keen to see other travelers showcase the moments that make them grateful for the opportunity to explore the incredible world that we live in — whether it’s when they hopped on a plane to study abroad or went trekking on their first solo trip, we want to celebrate every experience."

In case you've ever doubted the power of your Insta feed, #ThanksForTravel is here to prove that social media can plays an important role in giving back. When sharing a simple post, think about this: "Each year in the U.S., almost 12,000 young people aged 13 and 25 are diagnosed with cancer — that's more than one every hour," according to the STA Travel website.

"Not only does it demonstrate how much of the world there is to see and explore, but also provides a kick-back to our partners at Teen Cancer America. A win-win as far as we're concerned," Harrison also tells Elite Daily.

Not planning a getaway any time soon? Not a problem. If you act fast (by Tuesday, Nov. 27), you can add a $2 donation to a group tour, flight, or accommodation booking through STA Travel. Even if you feel as though you cannot participate in the #ThankfulForTravel social media happenings, there is still a way to give back and make a difference. Getting in an adventurous spirit will feel better than ever.

And to make the incentive even greater, STA Travel is adding a perk for those who participate in #ThankfulForTravel. Gen Z and millennial travelers who share their photos or donate will be entered to win a $500 travel voucher. How is that for a thank you?

"STA Travel started out back in 1979 with just one mission: to create affordable adventures for awesome humans," Harrison adds. "That mission still holds true today, and it’s the millions of travelers we send away on adventures each year that make us #ThankfulForTravel. To all those who are inspired by the planet, by the friends made and the places seen, we thank every single one of you for continuing to help us bring affordable flights and worldly adventures to other students, young people, and explorers."

There you have it, wanderers: a way to see new places and help those in need. Here's to #ThankfulForTravel and the cause it supports.

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