The Telfar x GAP Collab Will Offer More Affordable Pieces From The Viral Brand

Julien M. Hekimian/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

On Jan. 16, Telfar, a viral New York fashion brand announced its upcoming GAP x Telfar collaboration. Heralded as the "cool kids' bag" and nicknamed "Bushwick Birkin," Telfar's "Shopping Bag" blew up on social media in spring 2019 — and it is about to become even more accessible. Set to be released in autumn of 2020, the collection will bring much more accessible Telfar items into local GAPs.

GAP may seem far from the world of luxury fashion, but not to Telfar Clemens, the designer behind his self-named brand. "GAP created the blueprint for my brand because the GAP person is literally everybody: every possible race, gender, rich, poor," Clemens said in a press release. In an interview with Complex, the designer added, "When I imagine 'success' or my ideal customer, I just picture driving down Broadway and seeing a granny and a young person and a janitor all wearing the same thing — to be a part of everyday life like that. GAP lest us do that."

Fans of Telfar will know that the brand prioritizes taking the basics, elevating them, and twisting them in unusual ways, while keeping them relatively affordable. "The idea of basics is how we think about clothes," Babak Radboy, artistic director of Telfar, told Vogue. "We just happen to put three basics into one garment, so it’s like a hoodie, a sweater, and some leather pants." Iterations of these remixed basics, as well as classic tees, denim styles, and more, will soon be in many GAP stores. For now, though, the collection remains largely under wraps.

Affordability and accessibility is often overlooked in the high-fashion world, and Telfar is making a conscious effort to change that. The smallest Telfar "Shopping Bag" currently retails for $150, and the GAP collab promises even lower prices. "It doesn't take value away because our brand is not about scarcity or wealth or envy," Clemens told Dazed when asked about affordability.

The collection is also planned to include plus sizes allowing even more people to try this collection. Autumn is still a while away, but I have no doubt that the accessibility and inclusivity of Telfar x GAP will be an amazing success — and you don't even have to worry about saving up now.