10/10 Would Wear Team USA's 2020 Olympic Skateboarding Uniforms IRL

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Courtesy of Nike

The skater is a pinnacle of streetwear style. With oversized hoodies and t-shirts, cuffed pants, and floppy hair, skater fashion has been an easily recognizable look for decades, but now, it's a full-on uniform. Nike released pictures of Team USA's 2020 Olympics skateboarding uniforms on Feb. 5, and they're a fresh, performance driven, fashion-forward take on a style that's so individualistic. It's the epic sport's first year in the Olympics, and these uniforms will have the team looking like the coolest kids in and out of the skate park.

Made from 100% recycled polyester, Nike made skateboarding uniforms for the teams from the U.S., Brazil, and France. True to skate aesthetic, all the pieces mimic current skater street-style trends. Team USA's uniform features sharp cargo pants with a basketball-inspired jersey, as well as a button down with tailored navy pants. Both of Team USA's tops and the accompanying socks are adorned with a colorful, abstract graphic featuring red, blues, pink, and white. The uniforms also include an American Flag patch, a bald eagle, and the country code on the sleeve. All uniforms will be paired with Bruin React sneakers that have a special react foam sole to provide better traction.

"Skating has been such an individual thing, it's all personal preference and your style, the clothing matches the style of your skating," Sean Malto, a professional skater who hopes to qualify for the U.S. team in 2020, told Dezeen. Though it's finally being recognized as the athletic feat it is, skating, as a sport, has never established a set uniform. There's no such thing as a skating jersey or a skating skirt like there would be for football or tennis. To explore skate culture and thus develop the perfect uniform, Nike partnered with Dutch artist and professional skater Pieter "Parra" Janssen.

Courtesy of Nike

The Brazilian and French team uniforms also feature jerseys inspired by their nations' most popular sport (soccer and tennis, respectively). The French team's women's outfit is especially skater-esque with red coveralls. But with graphic prints across the board, it's easy to imagine any skater across the globe shredding in one of these 'fits.

Courtesy of Nike
Courtesy of Nike

For all those excited to watch the radical sport take on the Olympics in Tokyo, you're in luck. There will be two different skate styles competing. Both men and women will compete in park and street skating, involving lots of sick tricks. Each country can have six men and six women skate, and it's a mystery what the other countries' uniforms look like at the moment. If they're half as cool as Team USA's, the skate competition may double as a fashion show.

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