Taylor Swift's iHeartRadio Music Awards Speech Was All About Proving Haters Wrong

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The 2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards are in full swing right now, and all the stars are out for a celebration of this year's best music. One star on everyone's minds is Taylor Swift, who received the Tour of the Year Award thanks to her record-breaking Reputation tour. Upon accepting the award, Swift made a heartfelt speech during which she thanked her fans for all their love and dedication to her music and this particular tour. Taylor Swift's 2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards speech was a true testament to how much she loves making music and connecting with her fans.

During her speech, Swift thanked everyone who made her tour possible, especially the fans. Swift dedicated the award to all the fans who came out to see the show. She also called out the haters and doubters who said that her tour would flop big time. When she started her speech, it was clear that she wanted to show all those who doubted her that she came out on top anyway.

Here's some of what she said about those haters, how they made her feel, and how she and her fans ultimately proved them wrong:

It was really great to hear people saying I was going to be playing to nearly empty stadiums. I've learned a lot. I've learned a lot ... People can make forecasts and predictions, but those predictions don't come true if there's an unforeseeable factor involved, and that factor was my fans ... So, I honestly owe everything in my life to you and I want to thank you if you came out and saw the show in perfect weather. Or if you came to one of our many rainy shows. I want to say thank you if you just watched the show on Netflix with your dog.

It's obvious that Swift has a lot of love for fans and is especially grateful that their support pushes her to go bigger and better every time she doe something new. And her Reputation tour was no different.

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According to E! News, Swift's Reputation tour literally traveled to every corner of the earth. Over the course of the tour, Swift performed for fans on four different continents and sold over two million tickets. As if that's not impressive enough, the tour earned $266 million in sales, and that just covers the United States. Can you guess what the total number in ticket sales was for the whole world tour? Well, according to Billboard, the Reputation tour brought in a whopping $345.7 million. Talk about record-breaking!

That is an unfathomable amount of tickets sold around the world, but Swift managed to do it, and now she's being honored for what she's accomplished. To add to all that success, Swift also partnered with Netflix to bring the tour into the homes of Swifties everywhere. The Netflix special dropped back in December 2018, and loads of fans rang in the new year with Swift on their screens.

So, the Reputation tour was a pretty big deal for Swift, and she's well-deserving of this accolade.

I probably don't have to say this, but Swift is a living legend at this point, and everything she does is pure gold. Now that the Reputation era is over and done with, bring on the next!