Tan France's Packing Tips Will Make Your Next Vacation So Much Easier

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Tan France is here for all your travel needs. The Queer Eye star might be the fashion guru of Netflix, but now he's dishing out his best packing hacks so you can secure your summer lewks before jetting off on your next adventure. Given that his busy schedule has France in the air more than he's on the ground nowadays, he's had to master the tedious but necessary art of efficient packing. And Tan France's packing tips can be summarized in two words (and before you say it, no... they aren't "French" and "tuck"). Those words are "capsule wardrobe."

I don't know about y'all, but whenever I'm packing, I just love to make things harder for myself. Options! I need options! Going on a weekend trip? Better pack 12 pairs of underwear. Going to a new city? Better pack all three of my leather jackets. I will surely need them all! The former flight attendant turned Netflix's resident fashion expert tells Elite Daily that this packing mentality has gots ta go. All you really need are a handful of interchangeable items.

His first tip is that you don't need to make your vacation looks your best ones ever. Stick to versatile essentials, aka your capsule wardrobe.

"I don’t want to pack too heavy because the more options you have, the more difficult it seems to be to put a look together," he says, noting that he only brings carry-on sized luggage when he travels.

"I will take a suit with me, just in case I’m going somewhere fancy, just in case I need it for dinner, so at least I have a full suit option," he continues, "but then, I’ll use that to break it up. I will wear the trousers with either a T-shirt or a button-up shirt. I will take the jacket, I’ll wear it with a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. So I’m building as many outfits as possible out of as little as possible." He also suggests bringing a couple of T-shirts with colors that pop, just in case you want to spruce things up.

Surprisingly enough, Netflix's fashion guru doesn't think anyone needs to be turning looks on a flight. He suggests wearing stretchy jeans, a comfy T-shirt, and fashionable sneakers (with stolen hotel slippers hidden somewhere in your carry-on). He also keeps his three essentials in his pockets at all times.

"I always carry my phone, my wallet, and my lip balm in my jeans, always," he says. "So I want to keep that as streamlined as possible, I want to keep [my wallet] as thin as possible, so it’s not bulky."

Traveling with cash (or just carrying cash, in general) is a no-go for him, so he uses the TransferWise debit card. The card allows you to spend money overseas without being charged any exorbitant fees. And for France, who is traveling three to four times per week, that kind of streamlined convenience is key.


"You’re spending like a local [with the card]," he says. "So I’m not charged any fees. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m frugal. Jonathan [Van Ness] can’t stand that about me," he says, laughing. "I’m not willing to spend debit card fees in a foreign land, so I love that about it."

While JVN is the skincare guru of Queer Eye, France tells me he was obsessed with skincare long before he was on the show. And you can bet he has mid-flight skincare tips to avoid dry skin. And it all ties into the idea of not having to get glam for the airport.

"I don’t really wear much makeup, other than concealer under my eyes on set," he says. "If you’re wearing makeup, wear it all you want to the airport, but when you get onto your flight, as soon as possible, wipe it off. Every last bit of it. And then what I do is I put my serum on, and it’s a night serum, and then I’ll put a really heavy night cream on." That heavy night cream (he recommends Quench) locks in moisture for the duration of the flight, and of course, staying hydrated is vital as well.

So, TL;DR: Don't sweat about having options, create a capsule wardrobe, only pack in carry-on bags, don't make traveling a fashion show, always keep your wallet thin, and keep that skin hydrated, fam.

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