Joe Dempsey Had A Hilarious Response To T-Pain Randomly Shading Arya & Gendry's Sex Scene

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's that time of year again when everybody is talking about Game of Thrones right now. Heck, even T-Pain is talking and tweeting about the show nonstop. The 33-year-old actually took to Twitter on Sunday, April 28 to share his thoughts on Arya’s epic bravery in the most recent episode. As you probably know by now, she basically saved the world, and T-Pain thought she deserved something amazing in return for her efforts. For one reason or another, T-Pain’s mind went straight to sex, which prompted GOT actor, Joe Dempsie (who plays Gendry), to tweet at T-Pain directly. T-Pain and Joe Dempsie's Twitter interaction about Arya and Gendry's sex scene is actually hilarious.

During the episode, T-Pain tweeted that Arya’s instinct and action in this episode warranted some “premium” sexy time. What T-Pain didn’t include in that tweet was that Gendry had actually been fulfilling Arya’s needs, so to speak, the episode before. And that kind of implied that maybe Gendry wasn’t what T-Pain had in mind for Arya. Joe Dempsie responded to T-Pain and basically said he didn’t take offense to the tweet, which set them both off on a hilarious exchange.

“ARYA YOU LIL PIECE OF SH*T I LOVE YOU. SOMEBODY GET THIS WOMAN SOME PREMIUM D*CK ASAP!!!!!!!” T-Pain tweeted at one point during the episode.

Demspie responded, “None Taken. #DemThrones”

Aw, poor Gendry. He seems offended that T-Pain doesn’t think of him as being the man Arya needs in her life right now. Ah, well. It’s just fiction, isn’t it? In any case, T-Pain saw Dempsie’s tweet and reassured him that all was good from his perspective.

“Nah bro you killed it for sure no doubt🤜🏾🤛 *hands Arya keys* *Whispers* “Podrick survived and is downstairs 🤫😉,” the rapper tweeted.

Naturally, T-Pain’s funny tweet got Dempsie to joke around as well and the two ended up sharing their love and respect for one another. It’s honestly such a wholesome and humorous exchange that you can’t help but smile when you read it. Here’s a look at how it all went down:

T-Pain has been a long-time fan of Game of Thrones and even recorded a video for the show back in December 2018. In the video, T-Pain talks about how he would approach the music on Game of Thrones and put his own spin on it.

“How would I remix the Game of Thrones theme song? It’d fit my style, I just need drums. I just need a dope ass snare in that b*tch,” he said while beat-boxing and literally sitting on the throne. “But yeah, I just need drums. I’m good. I don’t need lyrics. I don’t need nothing.”

You can watch his GOT video below:

Needless to say, T-Pain has a tremendous amount of respect for all the work that goes into Game of Thrones. And even if he actually does think Gendry isn’t the guy for Arya, at least he and Dempsie got to bond over their mutual respect for each other on Twitter.