'Stranger Things' Eggo Waffle Bath Bombs Are The Best Gift For Eleven Fans

Stranger Things has delighted Netflix users around the world — many a Hawkins-themed Halloween costume has been seen, and multi-colored Christmas lights will never be the same again. A new piece of merchandise for the '80s-set show has surfaced, and these Stranger Things bath bombs will make you feel like you're in your own secret laboratory spa.

My first encounter with Stranger Things was Halloween 2016 — a friend of mine, who happens to have long blonde hair, was wearing a light pink, collared dress with a blue jacket, and she had a little bit of blood coming out of her nose. Should I tell her that her nose is bleeding, I thought, or is it a part of her costume? As she greeted the rest of our friends, no one else seemed to notice, or at least care, that she had blood on her face! OK, I thought, it must be part of her costume, a reference to something to which I am not privy. Spoiler alert: That's exactly what it was.

As I wrestled with the fact that a pop culture reference had eluded me, a moment I had always feared would come, I made a mental note to watch Stranger Things ASAP. Unsurprisingly, I quickly understood everyone's obsession with the show and was hooked myself. After becoming infatuated with a new TV show or movie, the natural progression of events is to quiz your knowledge of its every moment, and then hoard all relevant merch. These newest Stranger Things-themed goodies, various novelty bath bombs, have me giddy for my next at-home spa evening. Strap on your bike helmet, it's time for an adventure.

Leggo My Eggo Bath Bomb


Stranger Things Inspired Bath Bombs "She's Our Friend" ($7;

Artists on Etsy are putting two and two together and gifting the world with these spot-on Stranger Things bath bombs. This particular seller has waffle-shaped bombs and references one of the most endearing moments from the show, when Dustin defends Eleven by yelling, "She's our friend and she's crazy!" The best part of these particular bath bombs : They're maple-scented.


Stranger Things Inspired Bath Bomb Triple Decker Eggo Extravaganza ($12;

These sugary waffles almost look too tasty to throw in the tub. They're buttermilk waffle-scented and the sprinkles are real sugar sprinkles. I'd still recommend using them for bathing instead of snacking on them. You can go get some real waffles to enjoy in the tub even, but please pay for them and don't break any doors on your way out of the store.

Your Bathtub Is Gonna Be Lit


Stranger Things Inspired Alphabet Hand Painted Bath Bombs ($6;

I wonder if Will is trying to tell me something with these bath bombs. Could it be to use them? That's my interpretation.

Dart-ing Home To Take A Hot One


He Likes It Cold Bath Bomb ($8;

The Mind Flayer likes it cold but you can take a nice hot bath with this Shadow Monster-painted bath bomb. Its aroma is a mix of peppermint and black pepper oils — sounds like a thrilling mix to get you in the mood for your next round of Dungeons & Dragons.

A Stranger Trifecta


Stranger Things Inspired Mini Bath Bomb Set, Eggo, Christmas Lights, Eleven ($8;

My favorite of all the Stranger Things bombs is this mixed bag of three different styles and show references. The waffle bath bomb is vanilla and orange-scented and it's already making me hungry. The string lights bomb smells like lavender and eucalyptus, which sounds like a much more calming experience than what Joyce Byer's had. The nose-bleed bomb, which is the prettiest blood splatter I've ever seen, is made with lemon and rose oil, and will turn your bath a trendy pale pink.

While I love these Stranger Things tub treats, I can't imagine actually letting the bombs explode in the bath, because then I wouldn't be able to stare at their cuteness anymore. Oh well.