Stassi & Beau's Proposal Was Just As Spooky As You'd Expect

by Candice Jalili
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

OK, guys. It's time to dish about Stassi Schroeder and Beau Clark's proposal. If you missed the memo, here's the big news: Schroeder and Clark got engaged on July 31! And in a very fitting move for this couple, the joyous moment took place in a cemetery. Seriously.

It may not be your ideal proposal, but it's reportedly Schroeder's. "Stassi loves murder, crime, death, and cemeteries, and it was everything she would have hoped for. It was very on-brand for her, and that matters a lot to her," a source told E! News on July 31.

Schroeder took to her Instagram Stories to describe her surprise shortly after Clark popped the question. She starts off by telling the camera, "I woke up today just thinking I was going to tour mausoleums in a cemetery to see if I wanted to buy one." Then she flashes her ring-clad left hand to the camera and exclaims: "And then f**king this." From here, she turns her attention to Clark: "I love you, I feel like a queen. This is like a ring straight out of Downtown Abbey."

Speaking of the ring, Kathryn Money, VP of Strategy and Merchandising for Brilliant Earth, tells Elite Daily Schroeder's new rock "appears to feature a round brilliant cut or old European cut diamond in an intricate, diamond accented white gold or platinum setting." Money adds the ring looks to be about three carats. So, how much did a ring like that cost Clark? Well, according to Money, it could have been anywhere between $40,000 – $80,000. So, yeah. Not cheap.

In an interview with Us Weekly on July 1, Schroeder opened up about her dream wedding, saying she wants "to walk down the aisle [to] a haunted horror version of ‘Here Comes the Bride.’"

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"I want to have, like, dead people serving cocktails," Schroeder added. "Like, dead-looking butlers, like, you know, ‘Hello, sir, would you like an Aperol spritz?’ What if I just had people in character walking around?"

The only tradition Schroeder seemed intent on keeping was the white dress. “I’m gonna have, like, four dresses and they’re all gonna be white. I’m not gonna dress in costume, I want the people serving to be in costume,” she said.

According to the E! News source, Bravo cameras were reportedly rolling during the proposal at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. So, luckily, there's a chance you Vanderpump fans will be able to watch the entire thing go down in the comfort of your own home.

If you're still itching for details, E! News' source said Clark reportedly pulled Schroeder aside and "told her how much Stassi has changed his life and how he loved her before getting down on one knee." The source also said the reality star reportedly did not see it coming: "She was definitely surprised. She did get emotional, but was mainly smiling and was ecstatic about it. Stassi knew it was coming, but did not think it was going to happen today."

Schroeder opened up to Elite Daily on April 16 about her feelings for Clark. "I realized that I could just totally be myself around him," Schroeder told Elite Daily while promoting her new book, Next Level Basic: The Definitive Basic B*tch Handbook. "In all of my relationships, I was trying to act more smart, or have an opinion that wasn’t actually my opinion, and I see that Beau loves everything that I say. When I do have my opinions, even if it’s different from his, I just see that he appreciates that about me. The fact that I can be myself with someone else that I’m in love with is so freeing."

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The E! News source told the publication that Schroeder has known since Day One that Clark was the dude she'd end up with.

"They have been very transparent in their relationship about wanting to get engaged soon and Stassi couldn't be happier," the source explained. "It's been a journey for their relationship, but Stassi says she has always known that Beau was the one."