You Can Fly To California For $61 This Winter With Southwest's New Sale

The holidays can get a little overwhelming sometimes — and apparently, Southwest Airlines understands that. The company recently unveiled a flash sale that'll help its customers score super cheap post-holiday flights, whether they're planning on taking a winter vacation or a May getaway. If you're someone who'd like to take advantage of Southwest's Takeoffs to Touchdowns flight sale, rest assured that there are probably discounted flights at an airport near you. With one quick search on the airline's sale page, you'll be able to score cheap plane tickets that'll help cure your winter blues.

Before you start searching for discounted flights, you should probably know the ins and outs of the sale. According to Southwest's deal page, travelers will need to book their flights by Thursday, Dec. 13, in order to take advantage of the discounts. When you think about it, that gives you a decent amount of time to plan the trip of your dreams without needing to rush. But while you're planning, you should keep the sale's blackout dates in mind so you don't accidentally book a trip and miss the deal. According to Southwest, blackout dates for continental U.S. travel surround Christmas 2018, and include Dec. 21, 22, 23, 26, 27, 29, and 30.

In addition to blackout dates, you should also keep the sale's valid travel windows in mind. Per Southwest, customers can travel within the continental U.S. between Dec. 18, 2018 and May 22, 2019. International travelers can explore the world between Jan. 8, 2019, and March 6, 2019, and again from April 23, 2019, to May 16, 2019. Wanderlust-driven folks who are hoping to visit San Juan, Puerto Rico can travel between Jan. 14, 2019 and Feb. 28, 2019, and again from April 23, 2019 to May 16, 2019. Phew. That's a lot of dates to keep in mind, so I'd write 'em down if I were you.

Now that you know when you can book your discounted flights, it's time to start looking for deals. In order to start, head to Southwest's Takeoff to Touchdowns sale page. Once you're there, select your departure city in the touchdown menu and start exploring flight sales. When you select your nearby departure location, you should see a list of discounted one-way flights with their individual prices to the right of the screen. If you see one that you like, hit "Go" to find out more about the deal.

After doing a quick search through various departure cities, I found a ton of desirable deals for as cheap as $49 (like this $49 one-way flight from San Diego, California, to San Jose, California). Another discounted flight that would make a fun trip is this $86 one-way trip from New Orleans, Louisiana, to Austin, Texas, or this $87 one-way flight from Denver, Colorado, to Burbank, California. Those of you on the East Coast can also take advantage of the deals with trips like this $81 one-way flight from New York, New York, to Chicago, Illinois, or this $72 one-way flight from Atlanta, Georgia, to Boston, Massachusetts.

As you can see, you have a lot of options to choose from while searching through Southwest's flight deals for its latest flash sale. Before you book, just keep in mind that ticket sales are nonrefundable.

Safe travels!