You Can Fly To The Bahamas For $76 With Southwest's "Post-Worthy Paradise" Sale

Now that springtime is in full force, you're probably longing for even more sunshine and warm weather. Apparently, Southwest Airlines gets it — because the company is currently making it possible for you to book cheap flights to beautiful beaches. That's right: Southwest Airlines' Post-Worthy Paradise flight sale is taking place, and it'll help you score discounted fares to your favorite oceanside getaways. Before you grab your swimsuit and start planning your trip, there are a few details about the flight sale that you should know.

To begin, you don't have too much time to decide on your vacay destination and buy your discounted flights. According to Southwest Airlines' webpage, the Post-Worthy Paradise sale ends on Thursday, April 25. Don't panic, though! You still have some time to scan different itineraries and call your beaching-going buddies. Once you have a trip in mind, book it by April 25. Heck, you could even book your tickets now and do the planning later.

Just keep in mind that the tickets that you purchase during Southwest's sale are nonrefundable, so make sure you're really ready to go on a vacation before you buy 'em. Whether that means requesting paid time off ASAP or rounding up your friends, do what what gotta do. You'll want to be at least a *little* prepared before you whip your credit card out and book your trip, right?

There are a few more things that you should know prior to booking your discounted Southwest flights. According to the airline, you'll need to book your trip at least 21 days in advance. On top of that, the sale only adheres to nonstop fares, so plan accordingly. Finally, international travel is only valid between Aug. 20 and Oct. 30 if you're searching for cheaper tickets. For more information on the sale's terms and conditions, visit Southwest's website and scroll all the way down.

Now that you know the main details about Southwest's Post-Worthy Paradise flight sale, you'll be able to seamlessly book your trip. In other to do so, head to Southwest's sale page again. Once you're there, you can scroll down and scan a ton of discounted trips. As you can see, the examples that Southwest provided include "beachy" destinations like Costa Rica, Florida, Jamaica, the Bahamas, Mexico, and more. I'm longing for sunshine just thinking about 'em.

However, if you'd rather narrow your search down instead of scanning the example fares, head to the top of the sale page. There, you should see a "Departure City" dropdown menu where you can choose your origin location and pick your flights from there.

When you're ready to pick your flights, choose the trip that works best for you and hit "Select Dates." From there, you'll be taken to a virtual calendar where you'll be able to pick your departure date and your return date. Then, you'll be able to continue the booking process to secure your trips.

While I was scanning for discounted flights, I saw a ton of reasonable fares that'd make for a great vacay. For instance, there's a $76 one-way flight form Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to Nassau, Bahamas, and a $99 one-way flight from Houston, Texas to Belize City, Belize. Those are only a few examples, but I'm confident that you'll find a trip that's right for you while you're scanning.

Safe travels — and don't forget to pack your sunscreen.