You Can Fly To Cali For $47, So Keep The Summer Going

If you're hoping to prolong your summer with a cheap autumn vacay, now's the perfect time to book your flights. Southwest Airlines' flight sale for fall 2019 is in full swing, and it's offering tons of affordable fares for the upcoming season. Whether you're hoping to book a summer vacay on the beaches of California or romp around your fave city before the weather gets too cold, Southwest has your back. But before you take your wallet out and start scanning flight options, you'll probably want to know a little bit more about the sale. Don't worry, though; I'll give you the deets.

First things first: Let's talk about time frames. According to Southwest's sale page, the special will officially come to a close on Aug. 15 at 11:59 p.m. PT. With that being said, make sure you book your flights before then if you're hoping to partake in the sale. Additionally, you'll have to book your flights at least 21 days before you take off — so keep that in mind while you're scanning flight options for your upcoming vacay.

Alright, I'm not done with time frames yet. Now that you know when to book your flights, you're probably curious about valid travel dates. As I previously mentioned, the trips that are currently on sale are valid for fall travel. There are, however, specific dates that you'll have to keep in mind.

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If you're planning on flying within the United States, you'll be able to purchase discounted tickets for travel between Sept. 3, 2019 and Dec. 18, 2019, per Southwest. (FYI, the same dates are valid for travelers who want to explore the islands of Hawaii.) If you're planning on traveling internationally, on the other hand, you'll be able to score cheap fares for vacays between Sept. 3, 2019 and Dec. 11, 2019. And finally, if you want to travel to or from San Juan, Puerto Rico, you'll be able to find cheap tickets for trips between Sept. 4, 2019 and Dec. 5, 2019. Phew, that's a lot of dates — so plan accordingly.

There's one more thing that I want to talk about before I tell you how to book your discounted flights, because it'll help you choose the cheapest fares possible. According to Southwest, there are a handful of blackout dates to look out for while you're planning your trips. For a list of those dates, head to the airline's sale page and scroll down to its "Terms & Conditions" section. Then, depending on where you're going, you'll be able to find out which dates aren't valid for the autumn special.

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OK, it's finally time to discuss how you can book your flights during Southwest's fall sale. First, you'll need to visit the company's sale page again. Once you're there, choose a departure location from the dropdown menu. Then, a list of discounted trips departing from that city will populate on the website. When you find one that works for you, hit "Select Dates," and continue with the booking process.

While you're scanning, you're sure to see tons of affordable fares for autumn, such as this $47 one-way flight from Las Vegas, Nevada to Los Angeles, California. Another cheap trip is this $49 one-way flight from Atlanta, Georgia to Nashville, Tennessee. Still, there are plenty of options to choose from — so pick your favorite flights and start packing for your autumn vacay.