Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas' Astrological Compatibility Shows Love Can Conquer All

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Rumor has it there's another Jonas brother destination wedding on the horizon. Fresh on the heels of Nick Jonas’ wedding to Priyanka Chopra, the Daily Mail recently reported that Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are preparing for a destination wedding of their own next year in France. I’m sure my invite will arrive any day now, but while I wait by my mailbox, we can kill some time by analyzing this couple’s chances for a happily ever after, based on Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ astrological compatibility.

Turner was born on February 21, under the sign of Pisces, and Jonas was born August 15, making him a Leo. So, how are these two signs when they're in relationships? Is it the fairytale were hoping for? One that's guaranteed to go the distance? While only time will tell for Jonas and Turner, I can tell you this: Based on their zodiac signs, it may not be so easy. Leo and Pisces are not at all compatible. Of course, that doesn't automatically spell doom for the couple, but it might mean that long-term success can perhaps take a little more work — that is, if they are both true to their signs’ characteristics. Don’t worry, it’s not all bad news; there are some areas of strength to work with! Here's what we can guess about this couple’s dynamic based on what we know about their astrological signs’ compatibility.

There is an instant connection between Pisces and Leo.

Some signs need a little time to warm up to one another, but that's not the case with Pisces and Leo. Leo’s innate charisma means the Lion has no trouble sweeping Pieces off their feet. Both signs are hopeless romantics, and when a connection like that happens so fast, they can’t help but feel like it’s love at first sight. Pisces is so enamored with Leo that their adoration helps feed the Lion’s ego. So, short-term, this is an extremely passionate connection.

Communication might be a struggle.

Trouble begins with their communication styles. Both have the tendency to be blunt and speak their minds, but also to be ultra-sensitive and take what the other says deeply to heart. Leo’s association with the sun and reason makes them think that they're just giving Pieces a reality check. For Pisces’ part, they'll usually just communicate what they can observe, but their gift for intuition can often mean their observations cut far deeper than they intended. For Leo, that's a huge blow to the ego, and to Pisces, that feels like a betrayal of their connection. As a result, a real danger of resentment and anger has the potential to grow between the two signs.

If they want to make it long-term, they will need a lot of patience and empathy.
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For this couple to have any chance of successfully transitioning from a short, epic romance to something secure and long-term, they will both need to practice a lot of patience and empathy. For Leo, that can be a struggle, but when their heart is truly invested, even the proud Lion can try to make some changes. For Pisces, it’s about really giving their all to the relationship and believing that love can conquer anything — and, in their case, it really can. It just might take a few tries. Which is why it’s not uncommon to see this duo of signs break up and make up several times before making it work for good.

The fact that Turner and Jonas are still together and taking things slowly bodes well for their chances. Often times, a more volatile Leo and Pisces couple will rush down the aisle while things are good, thinking it will solve all their problems. But in the case of this fire and water sign duo, slow and steady will win the race.