Sophie Turner & Danielle Jonas Had The Cutest Reaction To The Jonas Brothers' VMAs Win

Brian Ach/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Jonas Brothers are suckers for a good award show. The trio of brothers just accepted the Best Pop award at the MTV Video Music Awards for "Sucker," and Sophie Turner and Danielle Jonas' reaction to the Jonas Brothers' 2019 VMAs win was the sweetest. Priyanka Chopra, unfortunately, couldn't make it to the show, so it wasn't a full J-Sisters moment. But Danielle and Turner accompanied Joe, Kevin, and Nick Jonas to show their support as the three brothers made their return to the VMAs.

The Jonas Brothers are having a heck of a night! First, they performed "Sucker" and "Only Human" from the legendary Stone Pony in Asbury Park (where all of the famous musicians you know from New Jersey, including Bruce Springsteen, have performed), then they got to accept the Best Pop award from the cast of The Sopranos, another New Jersey staple. Honestly, did the state of New Jersey pay for the VMAs to happen and that's why it got so many shout-outs during this show? What is happening here? I get the Jonas Brothers grew up in New Jersey and the VMAs are being held in Newark, NJ — but this is a lot.

Anyway, back to the J-Sisters. The two sisters-in-law were the main attraction when Kevin, Nick, and Joe walked on stage to accept the Best Pop award.

First of all, Turner freaked out and yelled "f*ck yeah" when The Sopranos cast members walked out on stage to present the Best Pop award.

When it was announced that the Jonas Brothers had won the category, the pair were all smiles as the three guys walked up on stage, and I swear I saw some tears well up in Turner's eyes at one point. At the very least, she was teary-eyed.

Twitter was living for all of Turner's reactions to just about everything that was happening during the show — especially the moment where she ditched husband Joe Jonas to go dance with pal Hailee Steinfeld — the pair starred alongside each other in the 2015 movie Barely Lethal — who was standing right behind them during Normani's epic performance.

And there was the moment where Turner was all of us freaking out over Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello's steamy performance of "Señorita."

Of course, Turner only had eyes for Joe when they won the Best Pop award. She planted a sweet kiss on her hubby, as did Danielle Jonas. Without Chopra by his side, well... Nick got some handshakes.

Priyanka, where you at?!

What a night this has been. We've had Missy Elliott. We've had Normani. We've had Lizzo. We've had an exorbitant amount of promotion of the state of New Jersey. What brings us all together on this fine VMAs night, though, is that we all relate deeply, deeply, to Sophie Turner. Queen of the North. And that's the tea.