This Is The Song You Need On Your Workout Playlist, According To Your Zodiac Sign

You know that feeling when you hop on the treadmill and are so in the zone for a good cardio sesh, but then you realize you forgot your f*cking headphones? Honestly, I think I would rather lay in a bed of porcupines than run without music — who's with me? Having a playlist of kickass songs to work out to can often make or break your entire sweat sesh. And we're about to amp it up a notch by matching your favorite music with your zodiac sign.

Astrology can determine everything from your core characteristics, to the optimal workout for your bod, to what jams will motivate you most. While a Scorpio would thrive while sweating it out to a good throwback, Taurus needs the most current pop songs topping the charts to keep her moving.

So, if you're bored AF with the same playlist you've been using for your HIIT circuits for months now, it might be time to turn to the stars for some brand new motivational music.

Here are a few song suggestions for each zodiac sign that'll perfectly complement your next workout. When you think you literally can't do one more burpee, blast your sign's song and slay a few more sets. You got this, girl.

Aries Needs A Lively And Inspirational Jam
kehlani parrish on YouTube

Aries is enthusiastic AF and uses working out as an outlet to release any unwanted and pent-up aggression.

"Good Life" is the perfect lively and inspirational tune to get you through the sweatiest and most challenging peak of your workout.

Taurus Is All About Feel-Good Pop
ShawnMendesVEVO on YouTube

Taurus is a hard worker when it comes to the #GymGrind, and they need a cheerful song to balance out all the intense gains they're making.

Switch on your boy Shawn Mendes when it feels like you can't make it through that last set.

Gemini Will Go For Anything But Rap
ChainsmokersVEVO on YouTube

Ugh, seriously, keep that Eminem noise away from a Gemini.

"Closer," on the other hand, will get you through those long cardio sessions. Nothing like a good Chainsmokers jam, amirite?

Cancer Is All About The Rhythm
FutureVEVO on YouTube

Mask off, game face on. Rhythmic beats will help Cancers get through the sweatiest and most difficult of leg days.

Just look at Future's deadass stare. If he doesn't support the #BootyGains, I don't know who does.

Leo Is Metal AF
Disturbed on YouTube

Heavy metal isn't for everyone, but these intense jams will complement all the endorphins Leos love to bask in at the gym.

One. More. Rep.

Virgo Needs To Get In The Zone
GabePWNZ on YouTube

Virgos are all about practical, functional workouts, and they're always making sure to focus on that core strength.

Lil Uzi Vert will help you get in the zone with this jam, making those brutal core circuits low-key kind of enjoyable.

Libra Is All About The Breakup Songs
EminemVEVO on YouTube

There's nothing like a good breakup song to get you through, well, literally anything — but especially a workout.

Libras are pretty peaceful in general, but when it comes to workout songs, they thrive on making #gains to those tear-jerker, heartbreaking jams.

Scorpio Sweats It Out To Throwbacks
photofinishrecords on YouTube

You might see Scorpio passionately mouthing the lyrics to a quality throwback mid-deadlift.

Throwbacks are where it's at, people.

Sagittarius Is Down For Some T-Swift
Taylor Swift on YouTube

Come on, you saw this one coming. One of the signs needed to have a T-Swift jam blaring through their headphones to help them slay their workout.

This one's for you, Sagittarius. #SorryNotSorry.

Capricorn Needs Some Classic Rock N' Roll
acdcVEVO on YouTube

You shook me all night long, and all the way home, because my calves are literally shaking from leg day.

Capricorn, classic rock will get you through that last rep. I can't say it'll do anything about that soreness the next day though.

Aquarius Is Down For A Mix Between Focus And Motivation
Proximity on YouTube

Odesza is literally perfect for complementing an Aquarius' sweat sesh.

The smooth sounds will keep you focused and the beat will get you motivated as hell.

Pisces Is Into Anything Artistic And Fresh
StarleyVEVO on YouTube

Remixes are just what an artistic and open-minded Pisces needs to get in the best workout ever.

"Call On Me" will inspire you to squat a little deeper and run a little further.

Happy sweating!