'SNL' Compares Harvey Weinstein To 'Law & Order' Season After Previously Ignoring Allegations

Harvey Weinstein has made plenty of headlines in recent weeks, but he hasn't been the brunt of jokes on SNL until Oct. 14. After being criticized for ignoring sexual assault accusations against the Hollywood exec., everyone's favorite late-night comedy show finally decided to tackle the sensitive issue. SNL responded to the Harvey Weinstein allegations and certainly made up for its silence on previous episodes.

"Weekend Update" made quite the splash. Colin Jost opened the segment by introducing three new emojis users will find when they update to iOS11 — a woman at a spa, a vomiting smiley face, and a hush-hush smiley face, all of which he said represent what it's like to work for Weinstein. After the crowd erupted in cheers, Jost took a slight breather before diving in again.

"Weinstein, who has been accused of multiple counts of sexual assault is reportedly going to Europe for sex rehab. Somehow, I don't think that's going to help anybody," Jost said. "He doesn't need sex rehab, he needs a specialized facility where there are no women, no contact with the outside world, metal bars... and it's a prison."

That pretty much sums it all up, wouldn't you say? The audience couldn't get enough of it. Che then chimed in, saying it's hard to crack jokes when such a serious issue is at play... so he took a jab at Weinstein's appearance. "He looks like chewed bubble gum rolled in cat hair," the comedian said. Che further stated that Weinstein allegedly told reporters that "we all make mistakes," to which Che said, "You assaulted dozens of women. That's not a mistake, that's a full season of Law & Order."

Have a look at the Oct. 14 "Weekend Update" and its take on the Harvey Weinstein allegations.

But that wasn't the only mention of the allegations. Viola Davis (Leslie Jones), Marion Cotillard (Cecily Strong), and Debette Goldry (Kate McKinnon) all sat at a roundtable discussion during the New York Film Festival to shed light on what's happening in Hollywood. McKinnon's role definitely produced the most laughs from the audience. During a brief moment toward the end of the skit, the comedian said, "Violence against women doesn't just happen to famous actress, it's everywhere, damn it. It's about time we take it seriously. Pandora's Box is open now, and Pandora is pissed." Though there's no denying McKinnon's hysterical impersonation, her words are definitely true.

Here is a peek of the film panel skit.

In the wake of the Oct. 14 episode, many people are discussing the show's take on today's news — from Weinstein and President Donald Trump and everything in between. Of course, there were a ton of different viewpoints making the rounds online. It seems with each new skit comes a wave of emotions.

Some say it's too little too late for SNL to crack these jokes... or they're just relieved Weinstein finally got a mention on the late-night show.

Others were upset with SNL's reactions and jokes to the allegations.

And of course, some fans were into the wise cracks.

As per usual, there were mixed emotions about various takes on the skits, and of course, politics came into play (unsurprisingly). Though some may be in favor of the way SNL handled this news that has dominated headlines while others object to their skits, there is one major thing to take away from it all: McKinnon's words of wisdom as Debette Goldry. She said,

"Violence against women doesn't just happen to famous actress, it's everywhere, damn it. It's about time we take it seriously. Pandora's Box is open now, and Pandora is pissed."