These Snapchat Party Features Will Make Your Halloween Bash So Much Better, Here's How

I bet you think you spend an absolutely normal amount of time scrolling through Snapchat, right? Well, Snapchatting while sitting on the porcelain throne or scrolling through Snap while you're at a party makes you a chronic Snapchatter. Lucky for you, Snapchat loves chronic Snappers and wants to make it easier for you to Snap during your upcoming Halloween party. Let's check out Snapchat's cool party features and some fun facts about Snapchat.

According to a press release acquired by Elite Daily via email, a recent study commissioned by Snap Inc. and conducted by Greenberg Strategy found that 81 percent of Snappers actually use the app while at a party or an event. Whether you're Snapping photos of you and your friends or Snapping a video about how lit the party is, it all counts as chronic Snapping. If you want to continue Snapping to your hearts content, you are going to want to learn the coolest Snap features around.

Group And Geo Stories

Group and Geo Stories allow Snap users to create custom stories with a specific group of selected friends who happen to be at the same party. This feature is pretty awesome because you get to choose a specific group of people who can upload content to the story, or you can build a geo fence around a specific area that anyone can upload to.

Shazam On Snapchat

Did you know you could use your Snapchat app to figure out the name of the song playing at the party you're at? Neither did I, but apparently your Snapchat apps doubles as a Shazam, so you'll always be in the know. To use this feature, all you have to do is press and hold your Snapchat camera to Shazam the song.

If the song is recognized, you will receive a pop-up with the song's information. You can tap on that prompt to read up on your new favorite song, and if you press and hold the prompt, you can send the song to a friend. To hear an excerpt of the song, swipe up. You can also watch the music video. Who knew!?


Custom Filters

We can't mention Snapchat's awesome features without mentioning custom filters. Custom features have made it easier for users to create specialty filters straight on the app. You can create your custom filter either on the Snap app or from your desktop.

Once you have designed your dream filter (or filters) perfect for your party, you can submit it to Snapchat for approval, and you should hear back within a few hours. Think about how awesome it'll be to have all your friends using the filters you worked so hard on during Halloween. Pretty awesome!

If you need more convincing to become a chronic Snapper, then maybe learning about Snap's latest feature will convince you. Snapchat has recently added Context Cards to their app. You will come across Context Cards on Snap when the person whose story you are watching tags their location using the white, venue-specific geo filters.

You will see a prompt at the bottom of the story that says "More," and once you swipe up on that story, you will see information about that location including reviews, maps, and tips. These will be your Context Cards. Snapchat teamed up with other apps like TripAdvisor, FourSquare, Michelin, and Goop to give you all the information you need about a certain location.

You can even call an Uber of Lyft to take you to that bar, lounge, or restaurant, straight from the app. The future is now, folks!

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