5 Snapchat Dancing Hot Dog Costumes For Halloween That Are Iconic AF

Carl Court/Getty Images News/Getty Images

From reindeers to sloths to luxurious makeup filters, Snapchat is overflowing with inspiration for all kinds of Halloween costumes. Yet, it's indisputable that there is one filter that rules them all: the dancing hot dog. The official Snapchat version is already getting a lot of attention, but I've got you covered because here are five cheaper Snapchat hot dog Halloween costumes that you can make on your own.

If you are not acquainted with the dancing hot dog filter, I suppose I can forgive you. The dancing hot dog is exactly what it sounds like: a hot dog with a bun that dances around, both as a filter for the user in selfie mode, then as a little boogying hot dog when you turn the camera around. Naturally, it is wearing headphones.

As it turns out, Snapchat itself is onto the potential the dancing hot dog has to make a great costume. After all, compared with other outfits, it's warm, comfortable, works for any gender, and encourages the wearer to get down on the dance floor. The only problem is that the "official" version of the costume is $80 and completely covers the wearer from head to toe, including hot dog hand covers. If that's too much, here are a few different ways to put the costume together on your own.

The Basic Dancing Hot Dog

If you don't want to spend nearly $100 dollars to sweat your face off inside the official Snapchat costume, you can style yourself as a dancing hot dog with cheaper alternatives. Party City sells a hot dog costume for $29.99. Throw in a retro set of $7 headphones from Amazon, and you've got yourself the whole look for under $40. Plus, you can actually use the headphones later.

The Couples' Dancing Hot Dog

One Snapchat dancing hot dog is the loneliest number. So, why not combine forces with your significant other to be a couple of dancing hot dogs?

Similar to the cheaper version of the solo hot dog, this costume takes an already-existing hot dog and bun costume (a hot dog for one individual and a bun for the other) and adds to it. For just $27.66, you can acquire the dog and the bread. Throw in two pairs of the retro headphones and then head to the dance floor.

The Real Life Version Of The Dancing Hot Dog Filter

If you don't fancy the selfie version of the Snapchat dancing hot dog wherein you are required to dress up as the hot dog yourself, you can also dress up as the target of the filter. A Google search will yield many images of the iconic character. Just print and safety pin the image to your shirt, and it'll look like the hot dog is dancing on you.

The Dancing Hot Dog With A Real Dog

Dogs dressed as hot dogs are always a crowd pleaser, and this canine costume is a steal. For just $9.99, you can make your fur baby into a hot dog, then transform you and your pup into the Snapchat filter by wearing a t-shirt featuring an image of headphones.

Dancing Fast Food For A Group

If you plan on celebrating with a whole crew, why not share the joy of the dancing hot dog with friends?

Like the couples' version, you can have a whole group of friends partake in the dancing hot dog theme by being condiments, such as ketchup and mustard, or even have a group of dancing fast food. Target sells a piece of pepperoni pizza costume for $25 and cheeseburger costume for $30. Go in on a bulk pack of headphones, and you've got a veritable dancing cookout.

Some may say that this costume is too trendy or only works for millennials who care about Snapchat, but don't let the critics dog your Halloween spirit. In fact, consider entering a costume contest — because this one is a real wiener.